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Showing posts from August 17, 2008

Dear Fay,

Hello Fay. You have been here for almost three whole days and I think it is time for you to leave. I have always loved the rain and an ocassional evening shower makes for a great movie-night with Karel, but I think we've had enough. I had a routine that worked for me and now I find myself bored by 7am. The Y is closed, the roads are floaded and the trainer is no fun. Ok, so I only rode it once but I rather be outside, on the road. Sorry Fay but bikes are not suppose to be stationary. Luckily, I am tapering for a race right now but because of you...I might not have a race on sunday. I'm not mad, just a little upset that you had to come right now. Although this is a recovery week for Karel he does not like the trainer. After I rode the trainer yesterday morning for 45 min, Karel took his turn on the trainer. Coach Troy did not entertain Karel and I don't think he enjoyed the workout on his TT bike. I did take a pic and it was cute to see him training on his "tri-bike&quo

The final product

I love watching sports. Although I am not a fan of ball sports, I LOVE individual sports. Ok, i do love watching beach volleyball which counts as a team, ball-sport. Anyways, there is something about individual sports that is really exciting. Just seeing someone in the olympics, standing at the starting line, thinking about all the work that went into that one day gives me chills. That one day which will determine if they win the gold, siver or bronze or just that one day that an individual gets to represent their country. It doesn't really matter for me who wins or loses when I am looking at someone in the olympics because I enjoy watching all individual pursuits. What is so amazing about individual sports is that each athlete has to commit to their sport of choice. Yes, there might be other athletes around but each athlete is training only one body...their own body. Each athlete has a training threshold, each athlete has a pain threshold and each athlete is vulnerable to an injur

Trek Clinic

Karel and Cason (the GM) had a great time at the Top 100 TREK conference in Wisconsin. I think he had a bit too much fun. I received many text messages during his trip as he test rode many demo bikes behind the Trek factory. What a rough life, attend clinics in the morning and ride in the afternoon. Although I wanted pics of WI so I could see the IM course, I only received a few city pics while most of the pics were of bikes. In the evening of one of the talks, Karel took lots of pics of the new line of custom bikes where you can pick your colors for almost every part of the bike. I was a little bummed when I didn't see a WSD madonne by Karel's side when he arrived back home but that's ok. Instead I got a lovely coffee cup :) Well, my off-season hasn't begun quite yet and Karel still has a few more months until I can make use of a new Women specific road bike. And if you think Karel buys me bikes and bike parts I have to tell the truth. I have to say that a shared bank