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Triathlon training tips: Pre-race nutrition, swim, bike, run

I am always excited to share my knowledge and experience with others, especially to the newbie triathletes who are about to train for (or race in) their first triathlon.  If this is you (or someone you know), you are about to step inside a fun, rewarding, inspiring, active lifestyle with a wonderful community of passionate, like-minded, multi-thinking, time management experts who love to challenge the body and mind to reach goals and to push physiological limits.  A big thanks to  Oakley Women  for letting me share my triathlon training tips with you all! To read more about my trip to Laguna beach with Oakley Women this past spring, click  HERE . PRE RACE NUTRITION TIPS SWIM TIPS BIKE TIPS RUN TIPS Any questions? Send me an email via my website: TRIMARNICOACH.COM

IMWI training - feeling prepared, confident and ready

The work is done. Thank you body! My 9th Ironman journey is coming to an end and in two weeks, on September 7th, 2014 I get the privilege to take my body on another 140.6 mile journey to reach the Ironman Wisconsin finish line. My dad will get a front row seat from above and I will be sharing the race course (my 2nd time racing IMWI) with my best friend, coach, training partner and hubby.  I often hear athletes talk about feeling undertrained. That's a very difficult word for an athlete to have in his/her vocabulary because it is often used in the context of not being physically prepared.  When I think about my last 4 Ironman journies, I have intentionally and unintentionally taken different routes to prepare my body and mind for race day.  In the past 15 months, I have crossed 3 Ironman finish lines and have felt unprepared for 2 of them.  But amazingly, the two that I felt unprepared for, I did amazingly well. I qualified for 2013 IM World Championship at IM La