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2016 Purple Patch Fitness Greenville camp

I have a Master Degree in Exercise Physiology....but I don't know everything about exercise physiology. I am a Board Certified Sport Dietitian....but I don't know everything about sport nutrition. I am a 11x Ironman finisher, including 4 Ironman World Championship finishes, but I'm really not that great of a triathlete. I don't lack self confidence but I have self awareness that to be an expert in anything, you have to focus on personal development, continuous education and the understanding that there is always someone smarter/better than you. As a coach and sport dietitian, I learn every day. Whether it's from an athlete, a research article or another expert, I am constantly learning. I hope that I never stop learning. Regardless of my educational background and professional experiences, it's simply not possible to know everything about what I do. And I'm cool with that. The reality is that sports are constantly changing, especially endurance sports when

Lake Logan Half - Race Report

Karel and I arrived to the race venue around 5:30am. My pre-race meal of a waffle sandwich with peanut butter, maple syrup and a banana digested great and I was only dealing with a few pre-race jitters.  I still get pre-race nerves but I feel like everything starts to feel more at ease when I arrive to the race venue on race day morning. And of course, once I get into the water for my pre-race warm-up, I feel relaxed, the butterflies subside and I become super excited to get going. After body marking and getting my chip, I racked my bike on the OPEN division rack in the front of the transition area. I spotted several Trimarni athletes and other Greenville triathletes which was fantastic to see so many familiar faces. I'm the type of athlete who enjoys being around other athletes and having others make me laugh before a race whereas Karel likes to do his own thing without anyone else around. Around 6am I walked back to the car with Karel and started my warm-up with dynamic stre

Lake Logan Half - quick recap

My body is in a good place right now. I feel healthy, resilient and strong. Well, in all honesty, right now I am exhausted, tired and sore and I've gathered just enough energy to ride my road bike for an hour (Sunday) and swim 1500 yards (today) in the last 48 hours. On Saturday, I checked off another race in my 10th year of endurance racing and I couldn't be more grateful to my body as it did not let me down when I asked it to go hard (like really, really hard) for 70.3 miles at the Lake Logan Half .  For the past ten years, I have been developing my fitness and skills as an endurance triathlete.  Over the past three years, I've remained injury free. Over the past nine years, I've remained illness and sickness free. Over the past three years, I have raced better than I've ever raced before since starting endurance sports at the age of 23. This was not by chance but through hard work, education and focus to make sure that my love for endurance spo