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Discover your inner Olympic athlete

I love a body in motion. I love a body that has been trained to perform and I love a body and mind that work together when it's "go time." If you share a similar passion as I do, it's likely that from Feb 7, 2014 – Feb 23, 2014 you will be watching  athletes from around the world skate, ski, snowboard and slide (and everything else) their way toward an Olympic medal in Sochi Russia for the  XXII Olympic Winter Games .  When it comes to sports, it's likely that you will find success in a sport that you possess the natural skills for. Getting started in a sport is tough but if you are good at something when you begin, it's easy to continue to strive to get better.  But more important than being a natural is loving what you do. For you can be genetically gifted to succeed at x, y or z sport but without hard work, dedication, and pure athletic ability, you will never reach your full potential.  It's true that many of of us will never have

Trimarni Chiachoco heart-healthy mix

  I love public speaking but I do not like to give talks to hungry bellies or to bodies with low blood sugar.   So, it's typical that when I give a talk on nutrition/sport nutrition/healthy living, that a Trimarni creation will be involved.   I'm giving a talk on my top 3 tips for to immediately improve overall health. The talk is in Orlando on 2/6/14 for the Lenscrafters Summit 2014 on behalf of Oakley Women. The talk will be at Caribe Royale  and I am super excited to share my latest Trimarni creation.   I needed a little help with the name so I asked my followers on Instagram (@Trimarni) and Facebook  to help me out. The responses were so creative!!!   -Breakfast of Champions -A taste of heaven -Maui mix -Coconut mocha mix -Cocochi -Trimarni energy mix -Trimarni snack mix -HG4C trail mix -TM's Bazinga! trail mix -Trimarni's sweet munch mix -Marni's mocha mix -ChiChoCoCo mix -Heart Healthy sweetness mix -Endurance mix

World Cancer Day - reduce your risk

I haven't been a clinical dietitian for that long (2.5 years) but I have seen, learned and experienced a lot in the hospital. Although it was never my goal when I pursued my RD credential, I really wanted to experience (and challenge) to learn more about the body when it is not in optimal health. I can say that my job is so rewarding when I work as an inpatient clinical RD and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn from those who are sick to better help those who want to be well.  Alcoholism, drug overdose, anorexia/bulimia, cancer, heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, UTI.... The list goes on and on as to what patients get diagnosed with when they are admitted and seen in the hospital and I still can't believe all the illnesses and conditions that patients are diagnosed with on a daily basis. I learn something new every time I am in the hospital for work.  It's absolutely unreal to think about all that goes on in a human body that can not h

Rethink your plate - indulge in a healthy way

    My body is nourished by a real food, whole food, balanced, plant strong diet. This is how I stay healthy and well, it's how I am reducing my risk for disease and it's how I choose to fuel my active lifestyle.   As a clinical RD who specializes in sport nutrition, I enjoy helping others learn to appreciate a more real food, plant strong, balanced diet but also how to let food enhance life.   Above all, a healthy relationship with food is a top priority when it comes to living a quality life with a healthy body and mind.   I am very passionate about life for I only have one chance at it. I want to live a good, I want to live a great life. I absolutely love using my body for sport but also to be productive in my career and to make memories as I age.   So to help me live a great life, I do not support an off-limit food list. I have to enjoy food in order to enjoy life for food is part of our society, not to mention we need to eat to live.