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Salmon and Chive Crepes with radish spread

There are so many different variations with this recipe. You could use any type of fish, meat or vegetarian product for the inside of the crepe. Also, the ingredients for a crepe (flour and water) make this dish super easy for any occasion. You can put anything you want in the mixture for the crep and add anything you want (fruit, cheese, nuts, veggies, etc.) for the inside of the crep if you are wanting something light for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. Enjoy! Have a great weekend...Eat healthy and enjoy what you eat! Salmon and Chive Crepes w/ radish spread For the crepes (makes 2 large crepes): 1/3 cup skim milk (don't use soy, doesn't cook well) 3 tablespoons whole wheat flour 1 large egg 1/2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 large fresh chive , finely chopped 1. Combine first 4 ingredients and mix well in a small bowl. Add chives, mix well. For the radish spread: 1/8 cup fat-free sour cream 1 teaspoon lemon juice 3-4 baby radishes, shredded 1/8 cup onions, shredded or

More pics!

What a bummer. I thought I left my camera at home when I was visiting my parents and now that I am back in Jax, I found my camera in the bottom of my bag. Enjoy some more pics from this weekend. Check back tomorrow for Recipes! Shawn (our coach) has a new bike! When I give Karel the camera at my races he loves taking pictures of bikes...especially ones that he built... like this one!

Staying busy

I really enjoyed speaking to the Booz Allen corporation at Mac Dill Air Force Base. The talk went really well and I was really thankful to Jordan who asked me to speak. I just started my second course for this summer, Nutritional Therapy and Assessment. Starting to get a bit stressed with two very time-consuming courses but I think I'll survive. In two weeks I have my first big race of the season. Karel and I will be going to Macon GA for the Rock n' Roll Half Ironman. I'm really excited to race on a new course. This will be my 4th half ironman but my 1st half ironman on a new course. I guess I was too in love with the IMFL 70.3 race in Disney that it took me 3 years to get the nerve to try a new course. My training has gone very well and for the first time I am actually looking forward to all three disciplines. Usually I can't wait to swim and run but fear the bike. After many women pass me on the bike I usually feel the pressure to try to catch them on the run. Howeve

Race pictures

The twilight crit was at 9pm on Saturday night in Lakeland. After my 40 mile bike home from the triathlon race on sat morning, I ate breakfast, packed and packed up my car. At 3:45 Karel, Campy and I started our trip..but it didn't last very long. My back tire had a flat tire!! So, we quickly took all of our stuff (2 bikes, bags, food, etc.) out of my Hyundai and into Karel's car. Campy sat quietly in the front seat determined to stay with us in whatever car we were taking. We made our 3 1/2 hour drive to Lakeland and in the last hour of our trip, my busy day caught up to me and I was ready for a nap. As for Karel, even though he was up for 17 hours before the race, he was really excited for the night crit in downtown Lakeland. Campy and I walked around the 1K course a bunch of times and Campy met a lot of doggy friends. The race was crazy fast and the Pro's averaged 31mph for the 1 hour race. WOW! Puts my 22.6 mph average to shame! The race changed up every loop and it was