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Challenge Williamsburg Race Report - Pre-race + 1.2 mile swim

My alarm went off at 4:05am which gave me 10 minutes to make some coffee with the help of our home electric kettle that we brought + instant coffee (Nescafe Classico), take Campy outside and then fill my Nathan hydration belt flasks (2 of them) with cold water. I sipped on aminos + electrolytes in a small bottle of water and a mug of coffee w/ milk and grabbed my T2 gear (in a drawstring bag that I brought) which included: running shoes, my dad's Corvette hat, race belt,  number (safety pinned), Nathan hydration belt + flasks (with extra nutrition in my belt pocket: margarita Clif blocks, salt tube  and Clif Bar Gel)  and a small towel and headed 10 minutes down the road to T2. I parked and made the 10-15 minute walk to transition. I decided the night before the race that I would go to T2 first thing in the morning (it opened at 4:30am) to drop off my run gear by myself. Since my mom was driving us to the beach (T1/race start) we did not need to board the bus shuttles. Our a

Challenge Williamsburg Race Recap - Pre-race

After a 1200 yard swim at Furman University around 8am and a delicious drink of Clif chocolate  protein recovery mixed with 1% Organic cow's milk, we packed up my car, loaded the bikes, ate some breakfast (for me - waffle sandwich with syrup, raisins, cinnamon, peanut butter and banana and handful of blueberries) and hit the road. Campy was excited for his first trip to Virginia and since it was our first trip to Williamsburg, we were excited to make lots of memories together as a family. We picked up my mom (who is a great spect-athlete and a wonderful Campy sitter/aka "grandma to Campy") and we started our 7-hour trip to Williamsburg. Our in-car entertainment was several podcasts of  The Real Starky  (which we love to listen to when we travel). We all took turns driving which was good to not be stuck behind the wheel for too many hours at once.  We had plenty of snacks for the trip, including PB, bread, saltines, baked potato chips, hummus, carrots, yogur

Challenge Williamsburg Half Ironman - quick recap

Obstacles are put into your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for.  As athletes, we are going to peak only a few times in any given race season. Within every season, we will race on a variety of courses, in a variety of different conditions. Never will two races ever be the same. We will experience highs and lows within every race and between every race, there will be obstacles to overcome to get to the starting line.  As athletes, sometimes we feel so prepared and we fail with our physical attempt on race day. But with every bad race,  we learn how to move on. We continue to fight until we conquer our own personal demons, weaknesses and past setbacks. Sometimes on race day, it all seems to come together. Far too often, it's when we feel least prepared, not ready or feel scared to set goals that are within our reach that we do the impossible with our body on race day. Regardless if we have a great race but it comes with a fight and a strugg