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Always a swimmer

This morning we said good-bye to our master swim coach who has been instrumental in helping so many people around our area with their swimming fitness, while also sharing his contagious passion for swimming.  Bill - our masters swim coach - is leaving us in Greenville to be closer to family in the Midwest. 😢 For the last few years, having Bill on deck kept me accountable, having fun (I love social kick!) and working hard. Going into my 30th year of swimming, I’m still showing up to swim “practice.” I will often modify his sets depending on my training needs but he’s always there for on-deck coaching. I’ve had some of my best Ironman swim times over the past few years (first time breaking an hour at IM Kona without a wetsuit in ‘19 and going 55:43 at IM Lake placid last summer). I swim often and my sweet spot is around 3500-4500 yards 3-4 times per week. I don’t like being out of the water for more than a day. Bill has given me so many good cues to help my stroke/technique. He also en

3-day Bike Skills Climbing Camp

  I consider myself to be a good cyclist. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time - not too long ago - that I was terrified to ride my bike on any type of road that resembled going downhill. I would squeeze my brakes and feel so unstable and this caused me to absolutely dread going downhill. Although I could have avoided going downhill by selecting races and routes that were flat, the problem was that I love climbing. And when it came to tight turns, switchbacks or roads where I couldn't see what was coming next, I would find myself frozen with fear, often with tears in my eyes. Pretty much, if the road wasn't going up or it was flat, I was freaking out.  When we moved from Jacksonville, FL. to Greenville, SC. I had no choice but to work on my bike handling skills. I was an experienced triathlete with really poor bike handling skills and this showed on our challenging terrain that is littered with punchy climbs, twists, turns and steep downhills.  With Karel having