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Menstruation and body image

I consider myself an expert on it relates to my body. I've had a regular (naturally produced) menstrual cycle for over 13 years. Each month, my menstrual cycle is a reminder of my healthy body and mind. Even in peak Ironman training, I still have a normal cycle. However, this doesn't mean that it's a fun time of the month. For almost two weeks out of every month, I suffer - mentally and physically. As a fellow female athlete, can you relate? For females, menstruation is a normal monthly occurrence for a good 30-35 years of life. For female athletes, training and racing can be positively and negatively affected by your cycle - every female is different. An excellent read on this topic is ROAR by Dr. Stacy Sims.  Although menstruation is often shunned by the media, it is gaining more attention by athletes, researchers and coaches. However, a topic that is not heavily discussed is the way your body image changes during your period. Menstruation c

Greenville News Run Downtown 5K Race Recap

Picture: Beth Molzer Back in November, Karel and I were discussing a few running races with our coach to use for training purposes. During this chat, Karel realized that he has never ran a 5K before! Back in 2006, Karel joined me for the Tampa Bay Times 10K Turkey Trot - which he quickly flew by me within the first mile and finished in a blazing time of 39:45. This was back when Karel was bike racing and didn't really care for running as he loved riding/racing his bike.. To prepare for the Turkey Trot, Karel only ran 4 times before the race, in the weeks prior - starting at 20 minutes and working his way up in time (and speed) to the 10K distance. Fast forward 13 years, an older (I mean wiser) Karel decided to sign up for his first 5K race. There was no special training (or tapering) for this race but instead, this was a workout where Karel was told to run as hard as he could to get his heart rate up as high as possible. His "workout" on race day also included run

2019 Trimarni Kits - ORDER NOW

The Trimarni store is now open!! We are thrilled to officially announce that the Trimarni team will be sporting Castelli apparel in 2019....and so can you! Engineered for top-level racing, Castelli is dedicated to making the fastest clothing in the world for triathletes and cyclists by using the most advanced fabric technologies available. We are confident that you will love the reasonably priced, comfortable and functional kit items. And because we can't have you sporting an old design on a new kit, our designer has revamped our 2018 kit design to make sure that you look GOOD and stand out in a crowd of triathletes. As in years past, the black kit is for the males and females can choose between the black or pink kit items. We can't wait to see you training and racing in your Trimarni Castelli kits. 2019 is going to be AMAZING! To access the Trimarni page: 1) Click on this link. 2) Sign up on the bottom of the page. This grants you access to the Trimarni team