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Mountain to Mainstreet Festival Expert Panel Event

Trimarni is proud to support the Mountains to Mainstreet 72.3 mile Triathlon festival,  located in beautiful Greenville, run by Set Up Events. In route to the 2nd Mountains to Mainstreet ( M2M ) event, there will be a series of educational talks, featuring local community experts to help athletes feel prepared for the upcoming festival. This educational series will benefit athletes of all levels. If you didn't know, the M2M event (on May 19th-21st) includes a 5K run, 13.1 mile run, along with a 72.3 mile triathlon (including a relay and aquabike option). Speakers for the first educational discussion include: Kyle Cassas - Orthopedic Sports Medicine Doctor, Steadman Hawkins Scott Kaylor - Physical Therapist, ATI Sports Therapy Marni Sumbal , MS, RD, CSSD, LD/N - Board Certified Sport Dietitian and Endurance Triathlon Coach, Trimarni Coaching & Nutrition If you are in or near the area on Feb 22nd, you can learn more about the event HERE. I am honored to be part o

Athlete spotlight: Stefanie Swanger: An everyday IRONMOM who uses triathlon for health, building confidence and well-being

Name : Stefanie Swanger  Age:  35 City/State: Kathleen, GA Primary sport : Triathlon How many years in the sport:   9 years What Trimarni services have you used:  RETUL bike fit Nutrition consult Coaching Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport? Growing up, I was a fairly non-athletic person. I was always overweight as a child and pretty disinterested in sports. However, while I was in graduate school, I was fortunate to work the finish line of the 2005 Disney Marathon. I had an ah-ha moment while handing out medals during that race and decided if these people could do it, then my excuses had run out. I was determined to run. Four years later, in 2009, I ran my first Marathon at Disney. Post marathon, I wanted a new challenge. The college that I was working at had a triathlon class, so I enrolled. That class lead to my first triathlon that summer (2009) at Iron Girl Atlanta. This is where I met Marni, after

Eggplant lasagna with a creamy red pepper spread

It was nearing 5pm yesterday and I had no idea what I would make for dinner until I remembered that I had a big eggplant in the fridge from this weekend, from what I planned to make eggplant pizza but instead, I decided that I really needed real dough.  Karel spent all afternoon moving our empty 75 gallon fish downstairs tank (our big Flowerhorn fish passed away a few months ago) upstairs to our bedroom, to swap it out for our 55 gallon tank. Let's just say that our African Chichlid fishes (and our big Green Terror fish) got a nice house upgrade! They are already enjoying the room and redecorating by moving around the sand. It took over 5 hours for Karel to get the tank ready as moving fish from one tank to another is not a project that can be rushed and you really can't stop once you start, so I figured Karel would be ready to eat when he was finished. I was hungry by the time dinner was ready so I yummed first and then when Karel was finish with the tank

Reduce the busyness in your life

Do you feel like your life is rushing by?  Do you feel like every minute of your day is filled with something to keep you busy, like work, exercise/training, family, commuting, emails, phone calls, bills, social events and maybe some cooking/eating and sleeping?  As an athlete, there's a good chance that you excel in managing a lot, every single day. You also may also have the tendency to say "yes" a lot, feeling like you can do it all, while saying no makes you feel inadequate. You may notice that if you have free time, you feel uncomfortable, insecure, unproductive, anxious and maybe even worried. I've been working on the concept of busyness for several years. Not to be more busy but to become less busy. Yes, having more free time. I love staying busy and I thrive off a packed to-do list but I have learned over the years, that life was rushing by me way too fast and I felt like I was not able to really enjoy it. While I will never lose my work et

Weekend training recap - the cold couldn't stop us!

It was so nice to sleep in until almost 7am on Saturday morning. We were in no rush to get up since we had planned to ride indoors on our trainers. Another reason why we could sleep in was because our cat Madison let us sleep in way past her normal internal alarm clock (aka "feed me now!") went off (which is usually around 5:30-6am). After getting some work done on the computer and eating a yummy pre-workout snack, it was around 8:30am when I went to our workout room to get myself ready for my bike workout. As I was writing my bike trainer workout on the white board, Karel looked outside and said "it's sunny, let's ride outside." What a relief as I wanted to ride outside but with the temps nearly 30 degrees, we both first thought it would be too cold to ride outside but without a cloud in the sky, we decided to bundle up and enjoy a few hours on our road bikes. Although our toes were a little cold even with our shoe covers on, we both dressed well