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What defines a healthy diet?

Food is fuel and nourishment. Your diet should include food that you enjoy. Eating should never cause anxiety, worry, guilt or frustration. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Every individual comes to the table with a unique food history - which shouldn’t be ignored when creating a personal nutrition plan. For example, an athlete may understand the importance of nourishing the body with proper nutrition, but when having to negotiate a packed work schedule and the diet needs/likes/dislikes of your family and/or spouse, it may be difficult to make nutritious choices that help you meet your body composition and performance goals. And in our weight and image-obsessed culture, trying to match energy intake to energy output may be tricky if you have a complicated relationship with body image. But for you to remain in good health, the daily diet is key. This means taking the time to learn about the nutrients that your body needs to function properly, and having a practical game-plan

Karel's Solo Ironman Distance Race Recap

So last Saturday Karel did a thing. He completed his first ever solo Ironman distance triathlon. No volunteers. No spectators. No aid stations. No race medal. No official race times. Just Karel and his mind for 140.6 miles. While this is not something that we recommend to try on your own, we hope that during this time of stress, worry, anxiety and sadness (being an athlete doesn't make you immune to emotions) you can get some inspiration, motivation and laughs from this incredibly challenging, mentally difficult and somewhat crazy feat. Here's the play by play as well as the final recap. Race Morning Pre Swim Pre Bike During Bike Pre Run Run Finish line!! Nonofficial, official results OFFICAL RACE REPORT