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You are a winner!

How do you define winning?  Coming in first or succeeding better than everyone else?  Although there may be a universal definition of winning that often relates to sporting event or competitions, we shouldn't forget that winning can apply to many of life's amazing experiences and challenging events.  It's very easy to find yourself in a place in life and feeling a bit down on yourself. Comparing yourself to others who have it better than you or perhaps feeling as if nothing goes your way or the odds are always against you. And even if you find that glimmer of truth that you are in a good place to succeed, it only takes a quick moment to find yourself doubting the progress you have made.  I have a quote on my refrigerator which I have kept with me over the past decade or so since my parents gave it to me from the local Newspaper. I am surprised it has survived many moves over the past few years but perhaps that is because it is very special to me.  My

Trimarni endurance triathlete training camp - GREENVILLE!

WE CAN'T WAIT TO WELCOME YOU TO GREENVILLE, SC!!! This camp is designed for endurance triathletes who are currently training for a half ironman or ironman distance triathlon within the  next 6-8 months.  Exceptions will be made, please send an email to inquire if this camp is right for you.   Athletes will not only learn more about pacing, skills, strength training, mental strength and sport nutrition but will also leave this five-day training camp with improved endurance, confidence on challenging (yet beautiful) terrain and new friendships.  Where:  Greenville, South Carolina (all workouts will start near the downtown area) When:  October 1 st – 5 th, 2015 What:  This 5-day Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Greenville training camp is a great opportunity for endurance-focused triathletes to maximize fitness before a late (or early) season half ironman or Ironman triathlon. As an athlete, we know you love to put in hard work to take your training to the next level

Lower your expectations to succeed

I've never been good at not dreaming big. It's just not my style. I love having a goal to work hard for, that requires months of hard work, patience and dedication.  I realize that with big goals comes the chance of big disappointment. However, regardless if I meet a goal or not, it's knowing that I made the commitment to try that counts at the end.  It's really hard to regret trying something.  But it's really easy to regret not getting started for fear of failure or disappointment. The other day on the news I heard about the secret to happiness. Low expectations.   Lowering expectations make it more likely that an outcome will exceed those expectations.  How true is this you ask?    When was the last time you felt under-prepared for something (ex. project, race, talk, trip) and the outcome turned out better than expected? When you did succeed, did you find yourself happier at the end than when you started? Or, when was the last tim

Is your nutrition performance enhancing or performance limiting?

Every athlete wants to take his/her fitness to the next level. I believe that we are all born with the trait of wanting hard work to pay off when it counts.  As a dietitian who specializes in sport nutrition and fueling a body in motion, there's a lot of information that can be applied to an athlete who wants to take his/her training regime to the next level. It doesn't matter how you term your fitness - newbie, veteran, skilled, professional, novice - but instead, what are the goals that you aspire for yourself and are you willing to put in the hard work to meet your goals.  I have had the great opportunity to work with many, many inspiring and motivated athletes on their nutrition, both daily and sport nutrition. Also, combing this with coaching so that a well-fueled body can go to the next level of fitness. What's the difference between the two? Here's an  article  that I wrote for Triathlete Magazine that may help explain how sport nutrition is a to