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Cycle Dog

When I picked up "sparky" from his foster family in Amelia Island, it was an instant connection. I knew I would love this dog with all my heart. My love for him grows every day and I find myself loving him more than the day before. There's something about a dog that just makes you appreciate life and forces you to take advantage of all opportunities no matter how scared or overwhelming they may be. It's amazing that dog's never have a bad day. They always appear excited, happy and thankful....the worst part of a dog's day is when they are alone cause they have no one to share their love with. According to Wikipedia: Campagnolo is an Italian manufacturer of high-end bicycle components with headquarters in Vicenza, Italy. The components are organized as groupsets (gruppi) and are a near-complete collection of a bicycle's mechanical parts. Campagnolo's flagship components are the Super Record, Record, and Chorus groupsets that represent their recent shift


With the holiday season in full swing, I'm sure you are enjoying plenty of yummy chocolates, cakes, brownies, pies, cookies and candies. It is likely that you are enjoying your fair share of high calorie and high fat foods over the past month because there's always a time for everything and a little of everything is a lot better than a lot of one thing. But I'm sure that you are ready to get back to your normal routine of healthy eating and consistent exercise without the holiday stress. The New Year can be an exciting time with many life-changing experiences but it can also be a time when many type-a athletes set overambitious weight, training and lifestyle goals and approach those goals with a black or white mentality. On Jan 1st, perhaps you may be one of many who rids your life of every "bad" food in your diet, exercises/trains like a mad-man/women in order to get closer to personal records (although, secretly you want to burn lots of calories in order to get

Asparagus Hash

My mom makes the best asparagus! I always look forward to it when we visit. I created a super yummy asparagus dinner last week and I can't wait to make it again. I was in the mood for a light and simple meal and hash browns came to mind. But in order to keep things balanced, asparagus was my veggie of choice, in order to complement the carbohydrates from the hash browns. My meal was lacking protein so I tossed in some veggie crumbles and voilĂ , one super delicious, balanced, vegetarian meal. Asparagus is a great vegetable to fit into your athletic lifestyle. As an excellent source of vitamin K, folate, vitamin C and vitamin A, asparagus is known to help with arthritis and swelling, as well as promote healthy bacteria in the large intestines. Asparagus is also a very good source of potassium (288 mg per cup) and a good source of fiber. Asparagus contains glutathione which is a fantastic antioxidant for your body. Many sport nutrition companies promote glutathione in their products,

Two new legs...please!

Wow-it's been over 48 hours since I finished the Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon and I'm still incredibly sore. I'm pretty familiar with the post-Ironman fatigue, insomnia for several days, weird food cravings and walking with legs that don't bend but my body is not appreciating my effort from a 13.1 mile running race. My entire body is hurting and my quads are still preventing me from walking normally. Although today is much better than yesterday (thanks to 40 easy minutes on the elliptical, 1500 yrds in the pool and 15 minutes stretching in the hot tube this morning) I'm hoping that I can soon keep up with Campy on our walks. As for training...there is nothing on my schedule. After every big race, I clear my training schedule to allow proper recovery from my race. Because I have to respect my body and listen to it, I typically don't design my upcoming training schedule (with Karel's help) until I feel 100% and know that I am ready to train again. I will c

Jacksonville Bank 1/2 marathon - Race Report

I must say..watching the Ironman World Championships, on the day before a race, can be a wonderful boost. I say it every year, but the NBC showing of the IM world championships is so inspiring and motivating, and gets better every year! Compared to years past, I had a calm, yet tingly, feeling while watching the broadcast. Knowing that I will be "one of them" in 10 months was a strange feeling. I say it all the time, but the Ironman is for anyone and it's all about the journey. I have coached athletes of all levels and for all distances but as an IM athlete myself, I absolutely LOVE working with first-timer IM athletes. As for me, four times are not enough. I can't wait for my 5th Ironman to hear the words "Marni, you are a World Ironman Championship finisher". Ok...sorry for jumping ahead in time. Well, it's been 3 months since I've written a race report, so here it goes.... Preface: With a goal of wanting to PR my 2008 half marathon time of 1:36 (w