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Training in Kona

Compared to years past, it feels much warmer than before. Although the temperature only reads around 86 degrees in the forecast, it's much more hot under the scorching sun. Coupled with the lava and heat radiating off the ground, it's hotter than hot here. The wind has also been rather gusty. All this said - IM Kona will be living up to its epically challenging standards if it stays like this on race day.  Since arriving to Kona on Sunday, we have had some quality training sessions on the Big Island. We are staying in town behind the expo/farmers market which makes it easy to train right from our doorstop. However, due to the traffic and debris covering the shoulder of the road, we have been driving away from town to start most of our workouts. Also, because the local Kona aquatic center is closed right now, we have to drive ~20 minutes south of the island to use the local high school pool (which is free). The biggest adjustment has been the heat - which is the biggest

IM Kona: 10 day countdown

Hello from the Big Island!! We have reached the 10-day countdown until we participate in the Ironman World Championship (5th time for me, 4th time for Karel)! I've been meaning to blog for several days but to be honest, I just haven't had time. We have been so busy! Here's a recap of the craziness that has happened over the past week..... Weekly training recap: Swim: 14,900 yards (3:29) Bike: 7:08 hours Run: 3:05 hours Strength: 45 minutes Total: 14:26 hours Started my menstrual cycle and felt horrible for my last few days of training before we traveled to Kona. Blah.  As of last night, I finished editing my 3rd book which is over 44,000 words. I've had several long days and late nights working on the final product over the past six days. Whew, what a relief that this is behind me.  We had over 15 athletes racing last weekend at IM 70.3 Augusta and IM Chattanooga. Because we were traveling on their race day, we were anxiously tracking our athletes during our