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I was wrong

OK Phelps. You Win. After a finish like that and making can eat whatever you want Mr. Phelps. Only kidding. A diet of a swimmer who puts out a finish like that and a noteworthy Olympic performance is only putting the best into his body right now. GO USA! *BTW - I thought the olympics was suppose to make us better athletes?? You know, insipre us to wake up and work a bit harder than the day before? Instead I am finding myself staying up until way past 11pm and then waking up super early so I can rush through a morning workout to catch everything I missed on the DVR. Errrr, I just feel guilty if I miss anything!!! :)

Not buying it

12,000 calories a day???? Ok, I will believe 8,000-10,000 calories a day but even with all those golds you have to watch what you eat Michael Phelps. Before I go off on my rampaged of sports nutrition I want to talk about swimming as a sport. Having spent a mere 10 years of my life swimming competitively, I know the life of a swimmer. Sleep, eat and swim. You add in a little school, homework, extracurriculars (piano lessons for me) and an occasional night out with friends, swimming was my life from my 8th grade year until I graduated from college. I know what it is like to swim a 5 x 2 hour afternoon swim practices a week and 1, 3 hour swim practice on sat morning, after having swam an hour at 4:30am, 3 days a week, and then an hour of dry land 3 days a week. And that was just in High School. Life got a bit more challenging when I was spending 4 years in college trying to balance 4 x 1 hour morning swim practices at 5am and then 5 x 2 1/2 hour afternoon practices and 4-5 dry land ses

Interval Tuesday!

I am just pooped. I woke up this morning anticipating a very hard run. 2 weeks until my olympic distance triathlon in Jacksonville (at camp blanding). I never thought this workout would be as hard as it was for 52 minutes. 52 minutes of sweating like crazy, my legs feeling like they will run away from me and breathing a bit heavier than I have in previous runs. But I loved every moment of it....well, now I do. At the moment...not so much. I kept asking myself "is this really what I have to do to get faster?" I think watching some recaps of the Olympics on the treadmill TV re-confirmed how hard you have to push your body if you want to see serious results. I got the set from Karel's coach, Shawn, who owns Velocity Multisport coaching. He has some great blogs on his site Shawn is training for Kona right now and putting in some serious hill work. Instead of doing the percent grades on the treadmill, I took some of his intervals and kinda mad
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!!!!! You helped me reach my goals after you let me have big goals. You told me to always be happy, even if it took a little more work than the easy way out. You never questioned my ambitions and most of all you have always supported me. I LOVE YOU MOM AND I'M SO LUCKY TO HAVE THE BEST MOM EVER!!! Being a spectator in Kona Running the Ironman World championships...with me :) Watching Karel's race with me Entertaining Karel :)

A successful weekend...

Did I mention Karel got a new bike? No more Cervelo, moving on to Trek. He LOVES his super fast ride...the Trek Madone 5.2. Of taking pictures. :) Ok, so I guess I have some races to talk about. Saturday morning I had a road race. Yes, you heard me right. My third weekend in a row of racing and my 2nd cycling road race in the past 3 weeks. My race started at 7:30am and I think that made me a little less nervous. Since the race was 20 miles from our place and early in the morning, I kinda felt like it was just a morning of training. A morning of training with around 50 other guys and girls. The race was a combination of the 50+ men and all the women (cat 1,2,3 and 4). This was a big group but it actually made the race a lot more enjoyable. We averaged 25 mph for most of the race and there were a lot of attacks. The course was around 6.5 miles and almost completely flat. I just loved it! What a difference compared to the GA races. There were 4 turns on the course and I felt a lot more co