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Showing posts from May 11, 2008 I come!

First off...thank you to everyone for the good luck wishes!! I never thought I would have so many friends through blogging. I hope to meet a few more bloggers at Disney tomorrow, but I'm sure we will all "run" into each other one day down the road. I really appreciate the kind words, encouraging advice and just the committment to checking my blog and writing comments so that I had an incentive to get up every morning and do something fun, hard and challenging so that I would have something to write about on my blog. I guess all you bloggers (and readers) have held me accountable to my training for the past couple of months. To all my blogging training buddies and supporters..thanks! Well, Karel left at 8:45am for Lakeland. He has a tune-up race today and then the state crit championships tomorrow. There is race money for both days but only tomorrow will the state champion be awarded. I think karel is going to do really well. He felt great all week (even though he really d


This is an area I know nothing about. I think the idea of blogging is just great because it is easy to blog daily and you learn a lot about random people. It is only after a few comment posting's that the random person becomes your friend. A year ago I knew I wanted a website. Since I'm not a Pro athlete, I didn't want it to showcase my athletic career. Although I am an athlete who takes my sport very seriously, I wanted to show people what I can do as far as coaching, sports nutrition and writing. I was told by Robert "vigo" Vigorito (race director for Columbia triathlon...if you live up north, you probably know him) to contact Ray Lake as the go-to person for a website. I contacted him right away and told him what I wanted it to look like, I sent him some info about me and he went to work. I paid him and it was just that easy. There are many things that I feel I am capable of doing and I don't need to hire anyone to help me out but when it comes to computers

A few more memories....

During the beginning of my senior year of college I was filled with emotions. Of course because it was my LAST year of school (so I thought) but because I knew I would finish school (Transylvania University, Lexington, KY) with a great liberal arts education and 4-years of competitive swimming. Because I almost didn't swim my senior year because I was so burnt out from swimming, I ran cross country my senior year but didn't feel happy. I had so many amazing memories from swimming and I felt like the swim team was my family. As much as I spent the whole summer before Senior year dreading the upcoming season of jumping into the pool every mwf at 5am and then going back for daily afternoon practices from 3:30-6 and then going to sat. morning swim from 7-10, I knew I wanted to be with my family. I wasn't in a sorority in college but I felt like my team was my combined fraternity and sorority. Luckily, I decided to swim and had an amazing season and I graduated college with a gr

Last Spin..getting ready for Disney 70.3!!!

I was sad to say good-bye to my spin class. But, I worked them really hard today w/ a 20 minute sprint set (10 x 30 sec build, 20 sec run/out of the saddle, 30 sec. all-out). At least they will be thinking about me for the rest of the day...and possibly tomorrow :) Teaching my class has been a great experience for me and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone progress with their cardio fitness. It was just amazing seeing the looks on their faces the first couple of months and then a year or two later, they are still working hard but I can see them getting out of their comfort zone. I know it is hard going beyond comfort (especially at 5:30 in the morning) but it is so important to stress the heart by pushing a little harder (for a short period of time) when you start to feel the burn. Or, in my class...when you feel your heart beating out of your chest. Anyways, I am going to miss everyone in my class so much and perhaps I will surprise them one day when they least expect it :) We took

LAST Interval Tuesday!

Well..I guess it is tuesday but something is different about my interval tuesday. I'm TAPERING!!!! I was super excited to get up this morning so when my alarm went off at 4:43am I jumped out of bed. Coffee was brewing and on goes my swim suit. I said bye to smudla and headed to the Y. Although I always look forward to going to my swim practice with around 20 other triathletes, the jump into the pool is so hard. Being so nice and warm and then being wet and cold. Usually the cover is on the outdoor pool but I guess the warm Florida weather has caused the pool cover to be removed at night. BURRR!! I never got warmed up. It was so cold so Matt kept us moving. A lot of mini sets like 50's and 100's and even with the 16 x 75's for warm-up (10 sec. rest) I was cold the whole swim. Oh well. I kept a smile on my face and the guys around me kept me laughing the whole time. I was kinda slacking in the pool so they were making fun of me. Nothing new :) I ran into the locker room

Weekend Training!

What a relief. It isn't that I finished my last weekend of training before this week of tapering for Ironman Florida 70.3 (5/18) but I feel so good that I successfully trained for the last month without any "kona injury" pain. And to finish this past weekend without any soreness, aches or pains really made me so much more thankful (and excited) that I am racing on sunday. I am super ready to get out there and leave it all at Disney. I know it will be hot and my competition is strong (I gave in last night and although I tried not to, I googled some of the 115 girls in my new 25-29 age group. Oh my, these girls are fast!!!) but I have to be confident about my training. I know I often dream big with my race goals, but I have to remember that the body is only capabable of pushing to the limit by which I trained it to reach. I like to tell myself that my body is ready for X-time but anything can happen come race day. I also set several goals before a race so that I can't s

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all the mommies out there....happy mothers day! A special mom day to my friend Kelly who just had a baby last fri!! And to my mommy, thank you for being the best mom!! I wasn't the typical child when I was young. I was always doing my own thing, trying to be unique and different. You helped me and let me become the woman I am today and thank you for believing in me when I thought I would fail. And when I did fail, thank you for pushing me to keep on reaching my dreams. And when my dreams were really, really...really high, thank you for believing in me. I love you mom!