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Recovery tips from race to race

Photographer Pat Hendrick Last Saturday was my first triathlon of the season and first race since the  2013 Ironman World Championship  in October. If you are a Trimarni follower, you know that the foundation of our philosophy lies in training smarter to train harder in order to reach success faster. But we also believe that if you want to train hard, you have to recover harder. Recovery can be challenging for many athletes after a race. Some athletes struggle to physiologically recover from the damage that has been done through racing whereas other athletes struggle mentally to respect the body with rest after a race. It's very difficult to predict how an athlete will recover from a race because there are so many factors that come into play. Even for myself, I find myself recovering differently from every race, every season. What can affect your recovery after a race? -Health and fitness status going into a race -Weather and terrain of a race -Race priority -Str

Are you making these mistakes as an athlete? Learn how to train smarter - TONIGHT!

I'm so excited to speak at the Hammerhead Triathlon club monthly meeting tonight at Open Road Bicycle store (beach location) at 6:15pm.  I will be talking about my favorite topic as a coach/athlete:  " TRAIN SMARTER TO TRAIN HARDER" Are you making one of the most common mistakes made by athletes? 1) Not properly using training gadgets - you own them but do you know how to use them? -I will be discussing how to properly use GPS/HR monitor devices and power meters for workouts and racing. -I will be discussing some of the key workouts we give our athletes as well as reviewing some of the training data from my races to demonstrate proper pacing -I will be giving my top tips for triathlon racing 2) Inadequate fueling - do you understand the difference between sport nutrition and daily nutrition? Are you able to maximize performance with nutrient timing and fueling? -I will be discussing the importance of proper fueling with sport nutrition -I will be g

Team Sumbal - HITS Ocala half ironman race report (the unplanned win)

Last year I was unable to participate in the HITS ocala half ironman   with Karel because of a last minute speaking event with  Oakley Women  in San Diego.  Even though this is a smaller event series (and about 2.5 hours from us in Jacksonville), I really wanted the opportunity to race in an early season half ironman event to test my fitness, to discover weaknesses and most of all, to shake out those nerves that always come with the first race of the season. I ended up transferring my 2013 entry to 2014 before we planned our 2014 racing schedule so once we had planned our key races: -St Croix 5/4 -Raleigh 70.3 6/1 (Karel only) -IM Austria 6/29 -IMWI 9/7 I wasn't sure how a half IM would work for my body just four weeks before my A-race of the season (another 70.3) but I knew that with the right "race smart" plan, I would be able to perform during the race without a taper and to also recover well from the long that I was going into this ra