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Day 1

Well, we arrived in Atlanta for the first crit around 6pm. Luckily, we both arrived with all our hair on our head. We always expect traffic but I guess Labor day + rush hour was not our idea of "typical" atlanta traffic. So, after an hour of moving about 2mph, and taking 45 min. to go about 9 miles....we finally made it in one piece. We just don't understand how people can sit in traffic, everyday. I'm sorry, no amount of money would be worth that. I would be so stressed coming home from (and going to) work everyday that I know my health, life with Karel and all extra-curricular activities would suffer. I guess Karel and I will tolerate a monthly trip to ATL for a nice change from flat Florida but we just dread the traffic!!! Karel's race started at 7pm so after picking up his number he warmed up around the .89 loop course. The race was in an office park which made for a safe, but fast, rolling race. The field was small but I'm sure it was hard for people to m


It's been a while but we are heading to GA tomorrow and not returning until mon evening. Karel has 4 crits in 3 days...oh my! Fri night through Sun (two races on sat) are part of the Atlanta Crit series in Atlanta/marietta, GA. Then on Monday we head to Marietta for the 100K classic. I will be running in the US10K classic about 30 minutes after Karel starts. This should be a fun weekend for both of us and I'm sure I will have plenty of pics. I'm wishing all those IMKY athletes the best of luck! Hopefully the weather will be nice and everyone will have a fun and safe race. Can't wait to watch on the computer on sunday to check up on everyone and hopefully on Mon I will get my spot for IMKY 2009!!! :)

Spicing up your recipes

Well, I'm back in school again. I was really enjoying my time off. Although I was a bit bored at times, having little to do one day is really a treat when you have to sit in class for 5 1/2 hours, two days a week. I'm taking two courses at Florida community college of jacksonville and after these classes I will only have two more pre-reqs to take for my dietetic program. I am taking microbiology and economics. Both classes have great teachers and I know micro will be tough. My micro class is 9:30-12:20 MW and economics is 12:30-1:45 MW. A tough schedule with back to back classes but I didn't want to make the 16 mile drive more than I needed. So, to keep me occupied when I was enjoying my summer break I cooked a lot. Not much more than I would normally cook but I did a bit more baking than normal. One of the best things about cooking is eating natural ingredients. I couldn't imagine popping a "meal" in a microwave and then pealing off the plastic and eating it

Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon Race Report

I'd like to say that my race day experience started on sunday morning but it actually started on sat. I was full on nerves all day long. Probably cause Karel was going to watch/support me at the race and because it has been tropical storming here for the past week. I guess my Type-A personality got the best of me and without a typical pre-race routine, or what I wanted to do before a race, I was a little uneasy about my prep during my taper for the race. Furthermore, with the floading, thunderstorms and rain that we have been experiencing, I didn't even know if I would have a race on sunday. Part of me wanted to get psyched for the race and visualize myself racing but I had to keep in mind that there may not be a race. I then didn't want to get myself depressed if the race was cancelled....and I lost my $95 to pay for a race that I wasn't doing. Oh the stress on saturday. I was just a little miserable to deal with that evening but Karel and I watched a movie and did a l

Race Result Race report (w/ pics) to come! Hammerhead Olympic Distance Triathlon Finish time:2:25:41 Swim: 24:06 T1:1:49 Bike:1:11:20 T2:0:53 Run:47:35 PR by 3 minutes!!! 2nd age group (25-29) 30th overall 6th overall female