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Interesting article on snacking.. Snacking Also, interesting that I read the snacking article after reading this one.... America's fattest cities The way I see it, snacking is used for several reasons. 1) To compliment meals - what are you lacking at meals and can you include that in a snack to make the daily diet more balanced? 2) To prevent drops in blood sugar - going too long between meals can encourage a drop in blood sugar. Naturally, the body will crave sugar or "carbs" since the body is "craving" something to boost blood sugar. 3) To satisfy hunger - pre-meal snacking can help cravings and overeating. 4) To give you energy - research shows that with an increase in lean body mass, your body burns more calories at rest. As you work toward building more muscle, keep in mind that the more often you eat, the more likely you may be able to boost the metabolism. For many people, excessive and high calorie snacking results from meals being inbalanced (for many

Tampa Twilight Criterium Race and lunch wrap

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. A fantastic close to a productive, busy and fun week of working at Baptist Medical Center South, consulting at SpaMe, sharing my yummy creations and info at Winn Dixie (tonight) and my favorite, helping my Trimarni coaching and nutrition athletes get one step closer to their short and long term goals. If you are near, in or around the Tampa Bay area this weekend, I HIGHLY suggest coming to the Cigar City Criterium and Festival on Saturday. There will be events happening all day so if you like beer and cycling, you will have a lot of fun. Karel and his category 1 teammates will be racing in the Profesional Criterium Race which starts at 7:25pm. This will be the event to watch if you want to see how the professional riders ride their bikes. Karel and Rad raced in the last USA crit race in Delray and it was exciting and fast...I'm sure in downtown Tampa, this event will not disapoint! 2012 Cigar City Brewing Criterium from Tampa Downto

2-minute coffee-cup omelet

When I got home on Sunday, I was ready for a real meal. I snacked on a banana, pretzels spread with peanut butter and water and Recoverite on my 2 hour drive home along with a necessary grande coffee (with a little milk) from Starbucks. Luckily, my super supportive hubby had some leftovers from his "creations" earlier that day.... homemade mashed potatoes, cooked cabbage, potatoes and onions along with scrambled eggs with veggies, topped with shredded cheese. It all went so well together in my belly. If you are in the area on Wednesday, I will be providing FREE info at the Winn Dixie on CR-210 in St. Johns County. Finishing up National Nutrition Month, I will have handouts to learn how to "shape up your plate" as well as a few kid/parent friendly Trimarni creations (snacks and breakfast ideas) along with a sample of a variety of dark greens and how to add some "power" to the diet. I will help you understand how to read food labels, what to "watch"

Great Clermont Olympic Triathlon race report

First off, a big CONGRATS to the Category 1,2 Gearlink Team for exceptional teamwork at the Winter Garden Crit on Saturday evening. Karel's teammate Eric managed to get into the break and the team worked really well together in the last 2 loops, driving the speed and giving Karel a great lead out for a field sprint first place and 10th overall. I am SO excited for next weekend to head down to Tampa for the USA Crit Tampa Twilight! If you live in or near the area, I highly suggest coming to watch the Pro/Cat 1 race! Campy and I enjoyed ourself by resting our legs and enjoying a yummy TriMarni creation.... In the delray crit two weeks ago, Karel mentioned that he wanted something "light" but filling before his crits. Nothing too heavy that would make him feel stuffed (he eats his last meal 3 hours before a crit race) but he wanted something easy to digest. I made for both of us a yummy pre-race meal with all the right flavors to enjoy it until the last bite. Pre-race meal: