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Salads don't have to be boring unless this is your idea of a salad. I've learned to love salads over the past few years. Growing up, I was never a salad eater. However, salads can be a lot of fun to prepare and of course, very filling. Now a days, in order for me to really enjoy my salads, I have to dress them up a bit. I've created 3 great salad creations for you. Enjoy! Mango-kiwi fruit salad 3 kiwis (sliced) 1 mango (cubed) 10 baby carrots (chopped) 1 small apple (chopped) 1/4 cup grapes (halved) 1/2 large lemon juice (or small lemon) for dressing To cut kiwi's: 1)Cut kiwi in half. 2) Use a spoon to remove skin from kiwi 3) Turn skin inside out. 4) Cut off the ends. To cut mango: 1) Cut segments out around the core 2) Use a sharp knife to make a grid on mango segments. 3) Use your thumbs on skin-side to pop out the top of mango segment. 4) Cut off cubes with knife. Carrot, Coconut and Raisin salad 1 bag pre-cut matchstick carrots 4 tbsp shredded coconut 2 tangerines

Day #16: Replace, don't eliminate

You want to start eating healthy, so what do you do. You take out all of the "bad" stuff and instantly reduce your total calories. After 1-2 days of sticking to your new lifestyle of umm...healthy eating (questionable?) you are starving, bored and out of energy. Well, if you are one of many people that still struggle to find ways to eat more healthy AND feel satisfied, you are not alone. Sure, you could eat fruits and veggies with all meals and snacks but if you are still overeating the "bad" stuff at your meals you haven't created a calorie deficit to support weight loss. Furthermore, the "bad" stuff may prevent any performance gains and leave you discouraged with your current training routine. Maybe you've tried finishing the day with a nutritious and low calorie dinner but come 9pm and your favorite TV show, the sweet treats in the pantry start to call your name. Having helped athletes with nutrition for the past 3 1/2 years, I've gotten re

Future internship

Karel, Campy and I made a quick trip to visit my parents in New Port Richey. We left on Tuesday evening around 5:30 and 4 hours later, we arrived at my parents. Campy was super excited to be at his castle (aka-a real house) and I was really looking forward to Wednesday. I didn't get into the Mayo Clinic dietetic internship last September...which is ok. I have my eyes set on really competitive internships so I don't foresee it being easy to start a dietetic internship anytime soon. I'd go into the details about applying for a dietetic internship but it can be a bit complicated. To make it simple, you first find an accredited ADA dietetic internship (there is only 1 in Jacksonville but a few more in Florida). You can only apply if you have met the requirements (which I did back in August 2009). Then you apply either in Sept or February for the January or August internship. Some internships cost money (Mayo $7000) and some give stipends. Some internships are 6-8 months and s

Day #15: Be prepared when eating out

Sometimes you can just look at a menu item and know it can't be good for you. Or can words be deceiving? Which is healthier in terms of calories AND fat? Ruby Tuesday Carolina Chicken salad OR Ruby Tuesday Louisiana Fried Shrimp Well, if you said the salad...SORRY, wrong answer. Carolina Chicken Salad: 1151 calories, 70grams of fat Louisiana Fried Shrimp: 423 calories, 17grams of fat Talk about deceiving.. The KIDS (yes-I said KIDS) mac and cheese has 680 calories and 37 grams of fat! Would you like me to go on? Ok, I will. 1 once of the Sweet Chili sauce (ONE ounce) has 170 calories and 17 grams of fat. And in last place, the Chicken and Broccoli pasta comes in at 1639 calories and 103 grams of fat. So, does this mean you have to avoid all restaurants in order to stay within a reasonable range of daily calories? To save calories you can box up half your portion as soon as your dinner arrives to the table. You could ask for the bread basket to

Day #14: Be a health-conscious traver

When I think of eating on the road, a few things come to mind: *Healthy options *Marni-friendly options (vegetarian) *Cheap options *Time constraints There's nothing worse than being hungry, stuck in traffic and in a hurry. Put all three things together and you are likely to lose focus of your mission of eating healthy. Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, traveling has a way of making the healthy and active individual feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy and affordable choices outside of his/her comfort zone. Maybe I'm a bit frugal, but when I travel I just hate spending money on non-filling foods. If I try to rely on foods on the road or in the airport, I feel as if I am always hungry and just throwing away money. In my opinion, I want my money to go to good use if I am spending $10 on lunch in the airport. You better believe I am going to pick a meal higher in fat and/or calories than I am use to because there is no way that I will pa

Day #13: Strength train 2-3 times per week

Do you strength train on a regular basis? Athlete, exercise enthusiast or person who doesn't like to exercise but knows it is strength training part of your routine? In addition to swim, bike and/or run, do you make the time to physically strengthen your muscles? Sure, sticking to an aerobic or aerobic training plan will make you stronger, more powerful and leaner but if you have muscle imbalances, weakness's or flexibility issues, how do you expect yourself to get stronger through swimming, biking and/or running? My good friend Cass (who has a great book that you should check out) posted this video (see bottom of this blog) on her blog. Credit goes to her client Kayla who created this video. I can't stop watching. I'm sure everyone knows someone like this and it is time that the truth comes out. It is so funny yet so true. I don't know why women are afraid of lifting. More so, I don't understand why triathletes and runners don't