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Top Gun Triathlon Race Report

I'll throw out the numbers first..... 59:22 finishing time 1/4 mile swim: 6:49 T1: 3:21 10 mile bike: 25:42 (1st age group!!!) T2: 1:10 5K run: 22:22 3rd in 25-29 age group out of 46 7th overall Female 39th overall out of 762 So the race went well. I did a little of all of my race plans. I did all 3 sports well, I pushed hard and I went fast. Unfortunately, with the top 6 overall girls ranging from ages 16-29, I think I had my work cut out for me this morning. I didn't sleep very well last night. The normal fear that my alarm wouldn't go off had me waking up every hour. The alarm finally went off at 4:30am and I was ready to get up. I wasn't nervous I was just super excited. A big change from last week when I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous to do a cycling race. I just couldn't wait to get there. Since I packed up my Hyundai last night with my bag and bike, all I had to do in the morning was turn on the coffee, fill up my water bottles

Race Plan for tomorrow

Scenario #1: Swim Fast Bike Fast Run Fast _________ WIN Overall! Scenario #2: Swim Fast Bike Hard Hang on in the run __________________ Place top 3 overall Scenario #3: Swim Fast Bike as fast as I can Enjoy the Run ___________________ Win my age group Scenario #4: Swim well Bike well Run well ___________ This isn't an option I think I will try for scenario #1........


YAY!!! Going back to Clearwater. Actually, to new port richey since we are staying at my parents house. I will be there until wed and Karel is heading back on sun afternoon. My mom and dad are flying up to PA today to visit my brother for the next 3 days so Karel and I are "cat sitting" for my parents. Of course, we have to bring Smudla for her first road trip since we moved. This should be interesting. I just got finished packing up the car. Lots of stuff for a quick trip. We each have a duffel bag of clothes, my transition bag of race gear and nutrition, two bikes, a liter box and hopefully I won't forget the cat. I have pick up Karel at the Trek store at 7pm when he gets off work and then we are on the road for our "short" 3 1/2 hour ride. I am going to try to squeeze in one more homework assignment in the next hour (due mon) and that should finish me up until who-knows-when and I can have a little break from the computer. I'm really looking forward to th

This is a first

I'd like you to meet me new friend. This is Mr. Owl. I saved him today on my ride. Just another day in the life of vegetarian, animal-lover, why god put me on this earth (to save animals) Marni. I was looking forward to this morning as my last training session to prep for the sprint triathlon on sat. I headed out at 6:45am (Karel was still in bed) for a 30 mile ride and then a 3 mile run. I took seduza out since she was feeling neglected and she was fast :) As I was riding along mandarin, I spotted something furry by a mailbox. While my eyes are always on the road I seem to notice animals like I have eyes all over my head. I rode by Mr. Owl and then quickly turned around. Careful to not get close to him for fear that he would attack me, I started talking to him. Yes, I do this a lot to animals. Still haven't had any animal/creature talk back to me (except for smudla who meows when I ask her if she is hungry..which is all the time) but I am always the first to start a conversati

Interval Tuesday...RACE WEEK!

Mon was a busy day. I slept in until 7am (after getting back to our place at 11:30pm!!!) and had a zillion school assignments to turn in. The day quickly started at 10:30am with observing my food service facility for school and then before I knew it, with grocery shopping, errands and more work, it was time for dinner! I made a nice salad w/ apples and I cooked some veggies (mushrooms, string green beans, onions, corn) and added my veggie burger meat. I poured in 1/2 can of organic garlic tomato sauce after the veggies were cooked and I had 1/2 of a whole wheat sub w/ the veggie mixture. Yum. Karel was super tired last night and totally exhausted. I am not suprised with his lack of energy after 4 days of racing. There really isn't anything magical that he (or we) do after races when it comes to nutrition. I take fish oil capsules (1-2) on a daily basis and Karel tries to have some type of fish the night after a hard race/training. Karel lives by his Optygen but for both of us, we l

My first circuit race

If you asked me to choose between cycling and triathlons, I would 100% pick triathlons. But, I can honestly say, there is nothing easy about just cycling...I would much rather swim, bike and run for an "easier" race. I would like to say that I am not even close to putting cycling races behind me. If anything I can't wait until the next race. However, between now and Aug 9th I have a lot of work to do on my bike. The work isn't about training. Of course I would love to be more powerful on my bike but I have another goal. I need some skills and to get rid of my fear of riding fast and with other people. After Karel's road race on saturday I was in major mommy-mode because Karel looked like death. A normal look for him after these crazy fast and hot races but I am always ready to take care of him when needed. However, when we got back to our hotel room at 6pm Karel was fast asleep before I sat down with my computer to start some homework. We were both really tired an

Mind and Body...and everything else with Racing

Friday night 8pm: Criterium in Downtown Norcross. The race was actually in a cute little neighborhood right near dowtown. There were cute restaurants and bars and live music for entertaining. Karel's race was 90 minutes and with the race starting at 8pm, there were large lights all around the course. Karel said he felt good all day and after his 7th place finish, he was ready to give it all for the crit. The race started almost on time and the pace was fast. Too fast (and dark) for me to get many good pictures but with a .9 mile course I walked all around the course to cheer. Karel was in a few break aways even though the lead group (of 5 guys) LAPPED the field! I think they were averaging 36mph (said a spectator) and there was nothing easy to this course. There were large climbs, descends and tight turns. To sum up the race, Karel was in the front group with 3 laps to go. Although the race directors put up a little number by the finish line to say how many laps to go, the course w