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Trimarni All-Levels Camp - Day 2 recap

The energy and enthusiasm was still high on day 2 of camp. Now that our campers had a full day of training behind them, it was time to step things up a notch with more workout specificity and applying the skills that we focused on in day two of camp. After we let our campers sleep in and get in a good morning meal, the first workout of the day was an endurance swim. We gave them one of those sets that if you see it on your training plan, it's much more "fun" to do with others than alone with your own thoughts. After the swim, our campers had a little break to refuel and rest before an afternoon brick workout. The bike portion of the brick allowed our campers to work on the end of ranges for cadences with heavy gear work when climbing and high cadence work when descending. While not necessary to force/apply these end of ranges on race day, it's important to train the end of ranges as an available tool in the race day physiological resource tool box. After th

Trimarni All-Levels Camp - Day 1 recap

It's been a camp tradition for us to make sure that our campers feel slightly exhausted and accomplished on day one of camp. Typically this means packing the day with swim, bike, run workouts from morning until late afternoon. This year at camp was no exception. Our campers started the day at 8:15am and finished just after 5:30pm with only a 90-minute break from 12:30-2pm. For this camp, the theme of our camp is " Do things well". We are constantly addressing issues with form, skills, terrain management and execution to ensure that our campers/athletes can execute well on race day. While fitness is important, far too many athletes get overly obsessed with becoming fit through training but lack the ability to apply that fitness to race day conditions/courses. At Trimarni, we teach our athletes how to race well with their current level of fitness. At camp, we are constantly reminding our campers/athletes that endurance triathlon racing is done on a tired body. As the r

It's time for camp!

When I was young, I loved going to summer camp. I still have so many unforgettable moments from my many camp experiences. As I grew older, my summer camp experiences were replaced by swimming......lots and lots of swimming. There were swim practices, swim meets and even swim camp (aka "hell week"). Regardless if I was attending summer camp to improve my life skills or attending swimming camp to improve my fitness, there are so many benefits of attending a camp: Trying new things Stepping out of the comfort zone Discovering new strengths Building friendships Discovering the value of hard work Learning to take healthy risks Setting goals Being responsible  Being attentive  Teamwork Learning Improving decision making skills Overcoming obstacles Every time we plan a triathlon training camp, we look forward to providing our campers with all the benefits of a training camp, like improving fitness, learning new skills, breaking bad habits and making training fu

It's that time again.....Trimarni training camp!

On Wednesday, we will be holding our 12th group training camp. Since our very first camp back in 2013, we have enjoyed the "camp" experience for our athletes as it is a great opportunity for our campersto checkout of normal life stressors and responsibilities, disconnect from gadgets in order to explore nature, stretch the comfort zone, learn, boost fitness and bring some added motivation and excitement to training by training in a group setting in a beautiful training location. For the past five years, our spring all-levels triathlon training camp was always held in Clermont, Florida but with Greenville being the perfect cycling playground for triathletes, we felt strongly that our campers/athletes would benefit more from training with us in the mountains on safe, quiet roads with comfortable weather conditions. Planning a group training camp is not easy and it requires many months of preparation, time and energy. We take great pride in providing our campers with a vari

Weekend recap: Mini training camp

Whew. What a weekend of training. A few weeks ago, our professional triathlete Ericka planned a visit to Greenville from Friday-Monday so that Karel could install electronic shifting on her bike. When we saw that the weather forecast was nearly perfect for outdoor training starting on Friday, Ericka was able to get off work one day early and head from NY to Greenville on Thursday. Since Ericka trains indoors on her bike for all of the winter and requires layers to run outside, this was a great opportunity for her to train outside and put all that indoor training to good use before her season of racing starts in late April. We have been coaching Ericka since October and she is becoming a very durable and resilient athlete. With a great mind on her strong body, this weekend of training (aka mini training camp) was beneficial for us to see how she bounced back from workouts and mentally and physically dealt with a bit of an intentional training overload under our guidance. While Karel