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Product Review - Stridebox

Stridebox Location: Bend, OR Website: What is Stridebox (from the website)? StrideBox is a monthly subscription box to fuel your running adventures. It is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. As a subscriber, each month you will receive a curated box of running nutrition, accessories, and essentials to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races.  StrideBox will help you find products to make you perform better. It will provide healthy alternatives to products you already use.  The best part is the fun you'll have being surprised at what you'll find. Your favorite running thing could be coming in your next StrideBox. What’s inside a Stridebox from the website? Each month, StrideBox will feature a mix of 4-6 established sample and full sized products (nutrition and healthy snacks; body/skin care and hygiene; running gear/accessories; motivation, recipes and more) from brands you know, as well as new and exciti

Time-saving cooking tips

Are you hesitant to try a new recipe because you feel overwhelmed by the cooking process, especially when hungry, exhausted and/or pressed for time? Although you may find it easy to "make" avocado toast or "cook" a bowl of oatmeal, there may be a huge barrier between wanting to cook and actually making it happen. Cooking requires time, effort and concentration and for many people, cooking isn't worth the time or energy.  If you have anxiety toward cooking but recognize that cooking will keep your portions and nutrition quality in check, here are a few time-saving tips to make your meals enjoyable and nutritious but far less time-consuming.  Read before you attempt  - Recipes can make anyone a great cook but it's important to familiarize yourself with the instructions before even considering to cook/make your recipe. Read recipes to their fullest before starting to ensure you don't skip/overlook any important steps in the cooking process.   Sho

Why your diet keeps failing you (hint: are you meal planing?)

If you are an athlete, you'd probably agree with me that your biggest nutrition struggle is attempting to eat healthy when you don't have time or energy. While your biggest mistake could be not making healthy eating a priority on your daily to-do list, it can be very difficult to sustain a healthy diet when you are exhausted and overwhelmed with your daily life responsibilities and workout regime. Here are some of the common reasons why you may be struggling to consistently sustain a healthy diet: Cooking for yourself seems like too much work.  You don't have time (or energy) to grocery shop. You are overwhelmed by so many food choices.  Other things in life are more important to you than spending time and energy on healthy eating.  You don't plan ahead to have healthy foods available.  You go into meals starving.  You rely on fast food/restaurants because it's easy.  It's too difficult to learn how to make and eat healthy food.  It's too overwhe

Are you waiting for your wake-up call?

I should have kept up with strength training. I should not have started that race.  I should have done a better job fueling my workouts. I should have stayed more committed to my training.  I should have taken my recovery days seriously. I should have listened to my coach.  I should have listened to my body.  I should not have completed (or started) that workout.  As a human being, it's perfectly normal to have a few "should have, would have, could have" moments in life. Regretting a decision that you made and wishing that you could go back in time for a different outcome is simply part of living and learning. As an athlete, you are constantly making decisions to help you gain fitness - some decisions work and some decisions, well, you learn from. You can't stretch your abilities from staying within your comfort zone - you have to take some risks.  Although some decisions are just plain silly (ex. testing out a run even though you have been diagnosed wi

Weekend training recap - goodbye snow, hello sun!

Well, Mother Nature did her thing and took us by surprise with a few cold, snowy days earlier this week. But the snow was not worth complaining about as it was beautiful while it lasted and come the weekend, we opened our house windows as it was 60+ degrees!  Since the snow had melted around our area come Friday evening, we were so excited to venture outside for a few hours of road biking on Saturday morning. Since we ride on very quiet country roads, where we see more farm animals than cars, we had to negotiate a few sections where the snow had not yet melted. Karel has the skills to ride thru anything but I didn't take any risks and I got off my bike and walked through the icy sections. Three hours and 35 minutes later, we covered around 4300 feet of elevation gain and finished the workout with a 25 minute/3.2 mile hilly run (Karel ran 35 minutes - 5 miles). In the evening, I did my typical PM run for added running frequency but this time it was a short treadmill run for onl