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Day before the wedding!

Karel's family came in last night with no delays or problems with customs. I'm sure it was emotional since that was the first time Karel has seen his family in 8 years! After almost 24 hours of traveling from czech to vienna to paris to atlanta...they finally arrived to Jax at 9pm. Now, Karel and his family are making their way down to new port richey. My aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and grandma made it in yesterday and now our house is full of people. I'm a big family person so this is just great for me to have everyone here. This morning I ran 13 miles and finished the run with by brother as he was heading out for a 45 min run. We ran together for about 10 min and then I soaked my legs in my parents pool (the water is a bit chilly). The day is actually going pretty slowly. The food is almost done and we have chopped lots of veggies. I am finally lying down and ready to go over my speech and vows. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I probably won't be bloggin

2 more days!

The hours are flying by.... I started my day in the pouring rain with Campy not wanting to go the bathroom at 5:30am. So instead I went to the gym and Campy pooped and peed inside. Oh well, his first mistake of the weekend. I had a great run at the Y and I even saw some familiar faces. I ran 8.6 miles and it went by super fast. I did one of my favorite sets: 20 min warm-up 6 x 45 sec @ 9mph 6 min @ 7.8mph 5 x 45 sec @ 9.1mph 5 min @ 7.8 mph 4 x 45 sec @ 9.2mph 4 min @ 7.8mph 3 x 45 sec @ 9.3mph 3 min @ 7.8mph 2 x 45 @ 9.4mph 2 min @ 7.8mph 1 x 45 sec @ 9.5mph 1 min @ 7.8 Super fast set! After a little lifting I showered up and headed to wal-mart for some wraps for our rehearsal dinner. I decided on wraps for everyone instead of getting it catered so I will be helping my family chop and cook on sat all day long. I can't wait to eat all the yummy foods and deserts (my mom made chocolate peanut clusters. I don't like chocolate so I pick out the peanuts and I'll give the chocol

Just another day

This morning I woke up at 4:40am so that I could swim with my old swim team at the Palm Harbor Y. There was no question that I would join them for an early swim, 4 days before my wedding, since I was in town. I arrived at the Y and said my hellos before jumping in to the semi-cool outdoor pool. It was pitch dark outside but the pool was lit up just enough to see the bottom of the pool. The swim set was great and it kept me from thinking about the wedding. 16 x 50's w/ fins warm-up on 40 sec (more like a 800 straight) 5 x 200 kick w/ fins on 3:30 (my fins were giving me blisters and since i hate fins and I have to wear sandals on sunday, I suffered through 4 of them and then got rid of the fins for number 5) Main set: 16 x 100's on 1:30 w/ fins (I did the first 4 with fins and my feet were killing me. I toughed it up and did them all without fins while the other two guys on my cycle did them with fins). Then I was ready to run. Instead of running on the treadmill I decided to gr

Need a good laugh???

I had a great 4000 yard swim practice today. The main set was 2 x (200 kick, 5 x 100 swim on 1:30, 400 pull). Then 200 kick and 500 swim for time (6:58!). After the swim I ran on the treadmill for 4 miles and then lifted. Since Karel was out mountain biking at Hannah Park in Jacksonville beach I couldn't wait to get home and see my Campy. When I got to my door I could smell graham crackers. That's weird, I didn't have graham crackers on me? When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw! The graham cracker bag that was on our kitchen table was now on floor!!! CAMPY!!!!! Oh-did I mention that those graham crackers were one of several items that were being used for gift bags at the wedding!!! I guess campy had a nice carbohydrate breakfast. And for some reason I don't think he was alone in this plan!! I find it strange that Smudla, who couldn't even walk by Campy in the hallway without an evil look or hiss in Campy's face, can now be on the same couch wi


I work well under I thought. I guess I never had to balance school, nutrition, Campy, Karel and working out with my wedding in 6 days!

Puppy brick workouts

Campy is just too fast for me. I think I need a new runner for campy. Someone who can run sub-6:30 min/miles. Not only are we going on long walks on a daily basis (more than once a day) but Campy is my new transition dog. Although I'm not "training" right now, I consider bricks w/ Campy a perfect exercise for both of us on the weekends. Unfortunantly, my legs just don't go that fast. On sat morning I went for a nice 1:35 run. I wasn't really sure how the run would go since my mind was in a million places when I started and with my radio batteries dying at around 30 min. into the run I wasn't sure how the run would end. Luckily, the run was great, the weather was cool and I couldn't wait to get back home to be with Campy. My legs felt great during the run and I didn't stop to walk. Since that last half, I have committed myself to not walking during long runs. When I got home from my run I put on Campy's harness and grabbed the leash and he was ready