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No excuses - home and back at it!

Well, that's a wrap from the Oakley Women ambassadors, Shawn Parkin and Sweat Pants media . Photos, how-to videos, product reviews, recipes and so much more all accomplished in two days.  Thank you  Oakley Women   for another amazing experience to share my knowledge on nutrition and triathlons. There's nothing more motivating and inspiring than being around so many fitness enthusiastic, passionate, hard working and motivated women.  With a few upcoming exciting months ahead for Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, I was ready to get home on Wednesday (1/22) to get back to the normal routine.                                                            4:45am West Coast wake-up call.  4:00pm East Coast arrival 5:45-7:15pm swim practice with Karel at UNF 3700 yards Main set: 8 x 150's on 2:45 (middle 50 fast) 8:30pm - reunite with my furry BFF and enjoy a warm bowl of soup with Karel.  1 can tomato basil soup + 1 can water in large p

Staying busy in Laguna Beach!

Even though I live 20 minutes from the beach, there's something about being on the west coast that really makes me happy.  And walking into my room at  Seven4one  made me very, VERY happy. Thank you Oakley Women, Asics, Coola Suncare, Perfect Fit Protein and Zico! After enjoying a few hours of free time when I arrived And catching up on a few Trimarni work related things The sun was setting and it was time for the Oakley Women crew + ambassadors to gather for a meeting. And enjoy an amazing dinner by a private chef of Eggplant Parmesan, salad and gluten-free baked ziti. So amazing!  Although I was very tired after being awake for over 20 hours, I made myself stay awake until 10pm (1am EST) and I had a great night of sleep, waking up at 6am and feeling completely fresh and energized.  So, I went for a 4 mile hilly run on the streets of Laguna Beach and got lucky enough to also enjoy the sunrise.  A delicious way to sta