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Perfecting your morning eats around early AM workouts

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and can set you up for a successful (and controllable) day of eating with great mental focus, alertness and energy.  One of the common struggles I come across with athletes/fitness enthusiasts is how to fuel in the morning with early morning workouts.  Common concerns: - Will I gain weight if I eat before my workout? -I feel like I'm always snacking in the morning and never feel full? -I have GI upset if I eat before my workout. -I can't seem to recover from my workout. -I do well until mid afternoon and then I can't stop eating! - I'm always rushing to get my workout in in the morning and then get to work (take care of family). Here are a few of my recommendations for timing your nutrition with your workouts for the early morning workouts (remember - tweak for your own individual needs and goals - log your lifestyle to reflect on what's working/not working): -I recommend to have a b

Pre and post sport nutrition - fuel smart, perform better

Let's be honest, if you enjoyed this video (and can relate), it's likely that you call yourself a triathlete, runner, cyclist or swimmer. Why? Because you love what you get to do and you enjoy the people who "get you." But in order to keep up this awesome voluntary active lifestyle that takes you to start and finish lines, you have to be sure to properly fuel your workouts so that you can function well in life.   Everything you do with your body requires energy. Did you know it takes energy to digest and process different macronutrients in your diet (thermogenesis). About 10% of your energy expenditure each day may be related to the Thermic Effect ... of Food (TEF). Protein has the greatest TEF and fat has the lowest TEF, whereas carbohydrates are in the middle. I recommend a small carbohydrate-rich snack before your workout to boost energy and to improves fat oxidation. The benefits of food consumption—particularly of carbs—far outweigh any perceived be

5 tips to boost fitness motivation

Weight loss and exercising more among the most common resolutions every New Year day. And surprisingly, statistics are not all that bad – about 60% of people who make a resolution will stay consistent for around 6 months! But since we all know that exercising comes with a host of mind/body benefits, it's important that exercise is part of your lifestyle. You don't have to run a 5K or do a triathlon to be healthy or even join a gym. You just have to move your body and do so daily (and often).  Product spotlight: Trigger point therapy Oakley Women Brooks Running Garmin Yurbuds Fage yogurt On Monday 1/6/14 I did a segment with WJXT4 The Local Station on "Tips to maintain exercise motivation in the New Year.   If you are interested, you can   WATCH HERE TIP: TRACK YOUR PROGRESS The best way to reach a fitness goal is to be consistent. We don’t want perfection, we want progress. It’s easy to sign up for a gym membership and then tell yourself th