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Is your diet too strict?

When someone expresses dietary struggles to me, I often hear responses like "I need to be more disciplined" or "I feel so out of control, I need to get back on track." While it's advised to adapt a nutritious diet for health reasons, eating healthier should never become rigid and extreme. And unless you adapt your eating in a way that honors your hunger, makes you feel satiated and aligns with your personal health and activity goals, you may find yourself with a lot of food-related guilt, shame, deprivation, and a feeling of failure from an unstainable style of eating. Signs that your eating style may be too strict include: watching the clock for permission to eat having an off-limit food list only eating conditionally (ex. reward food) developing a fear of "bad" foods avoiding social situations involving food feeling constant hunger difficulty focusing, headaches or lightheadedness avoiding foods that you enjoy eliminating food groups or certain food

Quality training starts with the daily diet

  Are you struggling with any of the following during your workouts? Low energy Slow recovery Dehydration Early fatigue Low blood sugar Hunger GI issues A quality training session begins with the daily diet. If you are going long hours without eating, restricting carbs, ignoring your hydration needs and/or not planning well-balanced meals or snacks, you will struggle to perform to your potential. As a result, you may blame sport nutrition products or seek supplements to "fix" an issue that started well before you began your workout. Because it's a lot easier to fuel and hydrate a body at rest than it is during exercise, take advantage of the many hours when you are not training to maximize your glycogen stores, provide your body with adequate calories, vitamins and minerals, supply your muscles with protein and meet your hydration needs. A body that is well-hydrated and fueled going into a workout will outperform a body that begins a workout in a compromised state.