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Busy intern/athlete

What a week this has been. 3rd week of build for IMWI training and a busy week of being a dietetic intern. I took Mon and Tues off from training. I typically don't take off two days in a row but as I laid in bed on Mon evening I really couldn't come up with a reason to train on Tues. I came up with about 10 reasons not to train and my first one was "I need sleep!" My interning schedule is keeping me up late in the evening due to course work. 4:15am is my new 5:45am and I am getting use to rolling out of bed well before anyone else in my household. Well, Campy gets out of bed some mornings just to see if I will give him any PB from my pre-training snack but I don't want to get him in the habit of getting up when I get up so I always have to tell him "go back to bed with daddy". Typically, he listens :) After interning at WIC (Women Infant and Children) with the health department all day on Tues (8am - 4:15pm) I gladly welcomed my workout on Wed. Karel was

Redifining (fruity) Oatmeal - Creations

It all depends on the day and the workout. Some days my breakfast is later in the morning and some days it is early in the morning. I plan my breakfast dependent on my workout intensity and volume as well as when I am going to have lunch. I love a whey and fruit smoothie and dry cereal for a recovery drink/meal but it doesn't always keep me satisfied til lunch. Sometimes I plan for oatmeal and a big glass of milk. I typically have a mid morning snack but sometimes I don't need one. I've learned over the past few months (with my IM training) that I need to plan for the day and not plan to have the same breakfast ever day. Similar foods, absolutely. However, a 3 hr morning workout compared to a 1 hour workout requires a completely different breakfast in an effort to properly refuel. After a few weeks of trying things out in the morning, I am 100% certain that breakfast is really the best way to start the day. I recover quickly from workouts and I feel energized throughout the

Dinner for One - Creations

Well, one human.... and one furry little one. Pasta is too boring and an omelet is too easy. I decided to combine my favorite veggies, alongside some tofu and eggs and add in a little leftover pasta noodles. I think I have found my new favorite dish. Oh so comforting with my furry little ones. Enjoy!!

Good (healthy) eats - Creations

Karel is off in Wisconsin. My only taster for my creations is my furry little friend... This morning I got a text from Karel letting me know that it was pouring and lightening in Wisconsin and the start of the 100 mile Grand Fondo ride was postponed. In the early afternoon I received another text from Karel letting me know that he was in the 4 man break (although this is a group event, I guess several of the guys were ready to race), the course was shortened to 50 miles and the roads were really wet. It was windy and hilly. Karel was sprinting for the finish about to win the race......until he flatted with 300 meters to go. Since I am working on reframing my sentences, rather than saying "what a bummer" I will say "well, at least he was in the 4-man break". Congrats Karel! Karel ended up 6th in the event because he just rolled through the finish line with a flat front wheel. Jeff did awesome as well and both earned a nice cold beer after the race. Jeff and Karel LOV