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Showing posts from April 12, 2020

Eating healthy while working from home

For those who are used to working in an office, it can be a big struggle to transition to a "work from home" environment. With so many interruptions, the biggest WFH (work-from-home) distraction guessed it.....the refrigerator. As it relates to nutrition, when you work in an office away from home, there's the need to plan ahead as to what, when and where you will be eat. While this lifestyle skill is still a work in progress for many, bringing your lunch (and snacks) to work helps you control what you are eating. At home, you may find yourself mindlessly snacking or forgetting to eat all together. To help you eat healthy while working from home, here are a few tips: Meal prep - Even when your office is (now) in your home, meal prep is a must. Making a meal from scratch - and when you are hungry - can take up a lot of time, cause you to lose momentum during a work project/emails and force you to resort to quick and not-so-nutritous options. With a bit mor

20-minute dryland "swim" circuit

I've been swimming competitively since the age of ~10 years old. For the past 27.5 years, I've never been away from a pool (or a swim workout) but for more than a few weeks. During these unprecedented times, I am longing for the day when I can drive to the pool for a swim workout. But until then, I am trying to maintain my swim strength, endurance and power with dryland workouts. Although it's far from the joy and calm that I feel when I am in the water, it's better than nothing. If you need some inspiration and motivation for a "swim" dryland workout, here's a video that I did last week with the Trimarni team (on our private Facebook team page). If you like this video and would like more, check out our new 6-week maintenance training plan which includes videos (like this one below) for strength, planks and swim dryland, along with a variety of structured bike and run workouts. To learn more about the training plan, click HERE.

Training: the new normal

It's a little strange thinking that our first long-distance race of the season was supposed to happen this coming weekend (IM 70.3 Florida). Although I'm bummed that most of my racing season has been postponed until 2021, I am not giving up on triathlon training. Keeping focused on long-term goals is important during this time of uncertainty. However, I'm struggling with my long-term racing goals. I've achieved so much in the sport of triathlon over the past 14 years and I feel content with all that I have accomplished. While I would still like to achieve a few big stretch goals, I am not sure what I am chasing in the sport of triathlon. Despite the uncertainty, I am still very dedicated to my training because training doesn't serve as just fitness-gaining or race readiness for me but it's how I can connect with nature, calm my mind, take care of my body and relieve stress. Plus, I love the feeling of conquering a challenging workout. When I train, I oft