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The Trimarni kit store is now open!! If you love to use and move your body, cross finish lines or use your body to live an active lifestyle, we believe that you are the ideal human to sport a Trimarni kit.  When you sport Trimarni, you are representing our brand. We want you to be proud sporting your Trimarni kit as you inspire other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to work hard for athletic excellence but not at the cost of compromising mental and physical health. Your support means the world to us and we love seeing humans doing incredible things with their bodies.  Engineered for top-level racing, Castelli is dedicated to making the fastest clothing in the world for triathletes and cyclists by using the most advanced fabric technologies available. We are confident that you will love the reasonably priced, comfortable and functional kit items. And because we can't have you sporting an old design on a new kit, we are excited to show off our new design.  The darker kit can be purc
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  Riding gravel is all the rage these days. Some perks include a change in scenery, being in nature, and discovering new roads and routes. More so, many people are switching from road to gravel biking due to far fewer cars/trucks. Although the chances of experiencing motorized traffic is very small on gravel roads, there's a greater risk of crashing due to the uneven surface under your wheels. I learned this all too well in 2021 when I had two crashes within a few weeks in my first few months of riding my gravel bike. Although I had fitness to ride my bike, I lacked the skills needed to take my bike off road. Riding a gravel bike off road requires a very different skill set than riding on the road. I'm happy to report that with a lot of help from Karel, not only have I become more confident on my gravel bike (and no more crashes!) but I've also learned how to ride a mountain bike on very technical terrain - and haven't had any major crashes or accidents.  And not all &q

International travel - a quick hello from South Africa

Late this summer, Karel mentioned to me that we should travel somewhere warm in January 2023 to escape the winter and to do some type of athletic event. And his top choice was not Arizona, Florida or the Virgin Islands but....South Africa! Karel came up with this idea after hearing about the return of Xterra South Africa (off-road triathlon event). After several months of researching, travel hacking and planning (my favorite!) I was able to put together an exciting, affordable and memorable itinerary for our 2 week race-cation (which includes a Safari and Kruger National Park). We will be participating in  Xterra South Africa  on Sunday, January 22nd in Elgin Valley (outside of Gordon's Bay, an hour from Cape Town) and then flying to Johannsburg on the 23rd for a 4-day Safari tour. We will then travel back to Cape Town on the 27th for one last day in Cape Town before flying back to the US on the 28th/29th.  If you couldn't tell, I love traveling. Since an early age, I've ha

Why I love The FEED

  While watching the Tour de France a few years ago, I noticed a lot of The Feed logos and commercials. I didn't care too much about the company when I first heard about it as I thought it was just another sport nutrition website to order products.  But overtime, I realized that next to your local run/tri/bike shop, The Feed is a great place to purchase sport nutrition products (and lots of other sport related gear, equipment and nutrition).  As a sport RD, I'm constantly recommending sport nutrition products to athletes. I'm also constantly trying out different products. But in order to see if a product will work, the only options are to hunt down a single serving at a local store or order online a case or bag of 16+ servings. It was so much more affordable for athletes (and myself) to try out products for a few workouts to see if that sport drink or recovery powder was tolerated by the taste buds and digestive system.  As a Feed ambassador, I really enjoy this company. Th

Join the 2023 Trimarni Team

Thank you IRONMAN TRI CLUB for the team spotlight! "TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition - is a community of inspiring athletes from all over the world where no athlete is too fast or too slow. They are adventure seekers who love to stretch the comfort zone and use triathlon to strengthen mental and physical health. In 2022, TriMarni had 197 affiliated TriClub athletes compete across 44 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events globally with many highlights including first overall TriClub at IRONMAN 70.3 Virginia’s Blue Ridge with a total of 30,000 points. With 89 athletes already set to toe the line in 29 IRONMAN event globally in 2023, this TriClub loves competing together and doing what they love surrounded by people who believe in them." If you'd like to join our team, we welcome members anytime from all types of sports - triathlon, ultraendurance, gravel, MTB and so much more. As a team member, you will receive weekly presentations/discussions on topics like sport/race day nutritio

The problem with New Year Resolutions

  Resolution. "The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem."  How many times have you resolved to improve your lifestyle habits? Have you ever promised yourself that you will exercise more, start saving money or eat a healthier diet? According to research, ~40% of people abandon their New Year Resolution after only one month. I'm not for resolutions but I'm all for setting goals. But for most people, a mental shift is needed. As you go about your day and think about all the things that are making it hard for you to pursue your goal. To reach the end goal, you must embrace the steps in the process of getting there. Your thoughts matter.  One of the most effective ways of enjoying the process of pursuing a goal is replacing that one word "have" with "get". Immediately, you should feel a sense of calm of what you "get" to do. Words like "need" or "have" or "must" can bring a sense of shame

Diet Culture and the effect on athletes

Yesterday was a great day. Karel, me and our friends Carley and Alvi went for a 64 mile gravel ride in Walhalla. The ride included gravel, road, single track and a lot of climbing. The route took us a little over 5 hours and we covered around 7300 feet of elevation. Carley encouraged me to go for one of the QOM climbs - a 9-ish mile gravel climb that took me 48 minutes. It was super tough to stay on Karel's wheel but I was relieved when it was complete (and I secured the queen status - at least for now). As I was riding, I couldn't help but think about how my body was able to perform. I was so tired and sore from the previous week/weekend of training yet my body was continuing to impress me. This got me thinking about how athletes view and treat their bodies, especially as it relates to food.  One of the most common New Year resolutions is losing weight or changing body composition. This is very likely due to diet culture. If you are tempted to lose weight fast, it's easy t