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2022 Trimarni Endurance Camp - July 7-10th, 2022

We are very passionate about providing our campers with instruction and education throughout the entire duration of camp. Although it's great to be able to check out of life and train like a professional for 4 days, we feel the best investment of time away from your normal training is to receive instruction from a coach so you can do things better in your home environment.  Although we will always provide education at our camps, we understand that some camps serve the purpose of safely accumulating a lot of quality training miles to build fitness and confidence for your long distance triathlon. Being able to check out of life and having time (and energy) to focus on your recovery, nutrition, sleep and mobility are top reasons why you can gain a lot of fitness from an intentional overload of training at a group training camp. Our “Endurance” camp is designed for athletes who are preparing for a half or full distance triathlon. We expect our campers to arrive to the endurance camp w
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2022 Trimarni Early Season Camp (+ sprint triathlon race)

We held our very first triathlon training camp in Clermont, Florida from Feb 27th-March 2nd, 2014. For several years I had dreamed about putting on a training camp but it took me several years to have the confidence (time and energy) to finally make that dream come true. After six years of Karel working as the GM of the Trek Store in Jacksonville, FL. there were some changes with upper management and we decided that the timing was right for him to take the courageous leap to work with me at my small business, Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition.  To be honest, we really had no idea what we were doing when we put on our first camp. We had no experience holding group triathlon camps and we had never attended a group triathlon camp. But somehow, we made it work. We learned a lot and found new ways to making the camp experience even better for the future.  Thankfully, our campers had fun, they learned a lot, everyone was safe and we continued to coach all of our campers for many more years! A

2022 Trimarni Bike Skills Camp

  After much request by triathletes, we are now offering a group cycling camp. This camp is limited to eight athletes to ensure plenty of one-on-one attention. Athlete is preparing for a triathlon. This athlete spends months training in order to feel prepared for this event. This athlete invests into coaching, the latest recovery gear, equipment and nutrition strategies in order to optimize performance. But come race day, this athlete is unable to perform to his/her potential because this athlete never learned (and mastered) basic bike handling and terrain management skills. Less fit athletes are going faster because of better skills and riding techniques. Learning, improving or mastering your bike handling and terrain management skills should not be something you only practice on race day. Because many cycling skills are not intuitive and can not be learned on an indoor trainer, improve your safety, confidence and fun-factor when riding your bike by investing in our bike skills climbi

2022 Trimarni Training Camps - NOW OPEN!!

  If you are new to the sport of triathlon or you are a seasoned athlete, a training camp can be a valuable investment to your triathlon journey.  Since our very first training camp in 2014, we have remained extremely passionate about our triathlon training camps. We take great pride in selecting beautiful venues, which are conducive to safe and effective training, while carefully planning every detail of our camp itineraries to make the most out of your entire camp experience. For each of our 14+ group training camps, our focus has remained the same. Our mission is to provide you with a fun and enriching camp experience, empowering you to stretch your athletic limits while offering a great amount of education and instruction to help you become a more confident triathlete. When you participate in a Trimarni camp, you will learn new skills and training techniques, and you'll probably find yourself breaking some old bad habits. While you'll gain a lot at camp, our hope is that w

Congrats Trimarni TEAM!

In almost every aspect of life, a team can accomplish and achieve more than any individual. We are so proud of our team for placing 3rd in the 2021 Ironman TriClub Global Rankings!!! A team empowers you and doesn't suck positive energy from you. Just imagine what you could accomplish in life if you had a team around you to support you, encourage you and to hold you accountable to your goals? What if you were part of a team that showcased your strengths, successes and improvements, but also challenged you to be the best that you could be?  If you have ever been part of a supportive team, you probably recognize the benefits of being part of a team. A team can guide you on your individual path of development. A team gives you the right words of encouragement to keep you moving forward. A supportive team enjoys your journey with you - no matter the day. When you experience success, your team celebrates your high moments with you. When you are having an off-day, your team doesn't le

Are you ready to try a triathlon?

For more info, click HERE. If you've been thinking about trying a triathlon, I encourage you to consider an indoor triathlon. Indoor triathlons have become very popular at gyms, YMCAs and other types of athletic clubs as a fun winter indoor event. It's a safe place to start if you want to see/experience what a triathlon is all about. An indoor triathlon includes a swim in an indoor pool, cycling on a stationary bike and run on a treadmill (or around a track) - either for a set time or miles. Unlike a standard triathlon where you swim in an open body of water and ride/run on the road, an indoor triathlon takes place, yep you guessed it - entirely indoors! And no need to invest in a lot of equipment or gear. All you need is a swim cap, goggles, swim suit, running shoes and cycling shorts - all things that you can find at your local run, tri or bike shop (or online). As an example, the Kroc Center in Greenville is putting on an indoor triathlon on February 5th. You can find more

Addressing the body positive movement and weight loss

Picture source Body positivity challenges the ways in which our society presents, celebrates and views bodies.  Sadly, far too many body shapes and types have been shunned by the mainstream media or not classified as beautiful. Our society has a fixation on the "tiny" ideal and encourages everyone to fit the social standards of being lean. This is why there are so many movements promoting body positivity. Because many people feel discriminated against because their body doesn't meet the "ideal" image, the body positive movement challenges social norms and promotes the belief that all bodies - regardless of size, shape, gender, physical abilities or skin tone - should be accepted. The body positivity movement is a necessary movement but it can also be controversial - can you have a positive relationship with your body and desire weight loss/a change in your body composition?  First off, it is a myth that large bodies are unhealthy. Being bigger doesn't mean b