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Showing posts from January 20, 2008

Morning Ride

I rode in the afternoon yesterday and after a week of not being on my bike, I was so happy to actually WANT to ride my bike. I rode Blue and with my new women's handlebars (which Karel put on) I feel really comfortable on my bike. With my old bars, it was kinda like having aerobars which are way too far apart and you just feel awkard when you ride. I just rode for about 28 miles and listened to my radio but it was a great way to finish off a Friday. I am almost all bundled up for the 50-degree temps out here in clearwater (i know, very sad how pathetic we are in the cold) and the tires are pumped up for a morning ride. I am planning to get a couple hours in of riding before I start studying for the day. Karel safely arrived in Jacksonville with 3 other guys from his team and this morning the team is training together before they head to Gainsville for the "training" race. I hope Karel really enjoys this first "training" race with a team. Only in Europe when he w

Working out or training?

This morning Karel did a warm-up ride so I was without my plyometric partner at the Y. I was ready to get on my bike for a nice ride but the 48-degree weather and wind wasn't encouraging so I decided to go to the Y. As for working out I guess I am starting to train again. I don't have a training plan created yet but I feel like I'm starting to get more disciplined with the training (Rather than exercising). The running is going great! I'm not running fast but I am running. I did an easy 6 miles yesterday at an average pace of 7.1 mph. I was talking to another girl next to me about wedding's and triathlon's so I did a couple extra miles more than planned. This morning I did 5.8 miles with a 10 minute walk warm-up and 5 min warm-down. Again, the run was very comfortable and I even stepped up the speed to 7.2-7.8 mph (I did several intervals). Swimming is going well and I can tell I've been pushed a little harder by swimming with a few guys at the Clearwater Y

New Art

I wanted to show off our new art on our wall. Karel had been wanting to do something with our bikes for a while now and this took all of 10 minutes to put up the bike rack. It kinda makes you want to come in the room now. And even better, I have my bikes up as my winter bikes and summer bikes (Summer up on top). Karel is riding his cervelo right now and I think the pinarello will stay on the wall..since that is will always be his beauty. His colnago is the only bike that is missing in this room. If we get more bikes, the couch is going to go :)

Feeling Flat

I thought this cartoon was pretty appropriate since I am full of excuses right now :) Karel and I were up at 6am on saturday morning. Waking up to wet roads and misty air outside. As we both got ready to get on our bikes I was thinking about all the things I needed to do this weekend. Hoping to relieve some stress, I was looking forward to ride this morning. Karel is finishing up his recovery week so he was planning on riding with the guys whereas I wanted to do my own thing. Now that I am finally healing w/ my leg I am trying to get in some kind of base training without going ridiculously fast right now. The wind was strong this morning but the air felt nice and cool. I wouldn't call it rain but there was a mist in the air which felt like a light rain. As I was riding I started to blame my slow speed on the wind but when I looked at my rear wheel I noticed I had a flat. My first flat on Blue so it was bound to happen. I called Karel just to let him know what happened and that I wa