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2 more days

Where has the time gone? I can't believe 1 week ago we were making our way to Athens GA and now we only have 2 more days left in our trip. I am really enjoying my time traveling to new places, seeing new sights, eating local eats and swimming in various pools but my hubby (who is doing all the work) is super tired and sore. Last night was race #5 and it was a tough one. Karel has finished every race of Speed Week this year and I couldn't be more proud. Karel has a race at 4pm today near downtown Charlotte NC. It is a super tough course with a sharp 90-degree corner on the bottom of a hill, with an immediate gradual climb to begin the next loop. These races are not easy and with over 175 riders in each race, the pace is blistering fast. Karel has a lot of determination to finish these races but with Athens starting the gradual decline in energy and increase in soreness, he is really fighting to finish each race he starts. We are enjoying ourself at our friends' house in NC.

A Health Conscious Traveler

There was a time in my life (many years ago) that I felt the need to be well-prepared when it came to my food while traveling. Although I still like to be prepared so I can somewhat maintain heart-healthy habits while on the road, I don't believe that I need to be obsessed and controlled when it comes to attempting to maintain my typical diet when traveling. While at one time I would bring measuring cups, individaully portioned snacks and my own stash of Marni-foods, that time in my life is over (thank goodness) and I have a very healthy relationship with food when it comes to eating outside my home. I believe that we should eat well on an every day basis so that when we travel (or celebrate an occasional event, etc.) we can enjoy different foods and a different routine. I do believe that a person can eat healthy while on the road but it takes a little creativity and open mind to be "ok" with not eating like you would normally eat. By feeling confident with the foods that

Weight Maintenance Throughout Racing Season

Well, we are getting ready to hit the road again. Off to Beaufort South Carolina tonight, then Walterboro SC tomorrow, Fri is Spartenberg SC, Sat is Charlotte NC and Sun is Sandy Springs GA. If you live in any of those cities (or near), send me an email...I'd love to meet some of my blog readers! Plus, you can watch some exciting races as well! I thought this topic was very appropriate, now that triathlon season is in full-swing. I hope you enjoy my latest article found in the FREE Iron Girl newsletter. Enjoy! Weight Maintenance Throughout Racing Season By Marni Sumbal When an athlete attempts to lose weight, nutrient empty foods are often the first to go. But when weight loss begins to plateau, athletes may reach towards drastic measures, such as extreme exercise, weight loss pills or unrealistic calorie restriction. Regardless, if you feel frustrated, depressed or lacking self-confidence, there is no reason why you should seek radical measures to lose and/or maintain weight. W

Athens Twilight Recap

It is an "off" day for the professional cyclists who are racing in the NRC Speed Week. So while the professional cyclists are sleeping in, getting massages, eating planned meals and going for recovery spins, Karel is spending his time at both Jacksonville Trek Stores today. As much as Karel would love to race for a living, we both love our sports as a lifestyle and at the end of the day, triathlons and cycling comprise a only a minor portion of our life. Karel and myself are not defined by our sports because it is an outlet to relieve stress, put our training to the test, reach our goals and to challenge our mind and body. We are not professional athletes and in the case of injury, sickness or financial reasons, we would not feel as if our life was over if we could not race. For we love helping others, spending time together, traveling, spending time with Campy, watching movies, training/exercising and fueling our body with heart-healthy food and when it's all said in d