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Weekly recap - food, workouts and Campy

  Another week is about to come to an end. Branson 70.3 is approaching and life is keeping us busy. After our hilly bike + run workout in San Antonio (Dade City), Florida this AM, I'm in recovery mode so this blog post is very random but a brief summary of the week.   First off, another pic of Campy. Doing his thing - focusing on a good night of rest.   What a workout today! Karel told me it would be tough....and it was. 58 miles in hilly San Antonio - staying on his wheel and keeping his pace. Love my new climbing cassette and enjoyed having Karel in front of me to remind me how to pace my race on Sept 23rd. Love the hills but also need to race smart.     After the bike we went our seperate ways as I can no longer keep up w/ Karel on the run. We both ran for about an hour but w/ Karel holding an average pace of 6:50 min/mile for his 8 miles, I was just glad to do my thing for 7 miles. It was blazin' hot but we both felt good when it was over.   We b

Tips on consistent training & Sunshine tempeh, squash and mango stir-fry

Wow - 26 days until Branson 70.3 . My body is feeling great and Karel is also feeling strong... but we still have about two more weeks to make some more serious performance gains. This weekend we will visit my parents and ride/train on the hills in San Antonio (Dade City, Florida) to get our legs ready for the challenging 56 mile bike course in Missouri. Plus, Campy misses his grandparents and the "resort-style" living. Can we say "What a life?" On Tuesday, I posted on my Facebook page  about my tips for achieving consistency w/ training and racing. On a personal note, I'm having my best season ever but I will admit that it's hard to think outside the box, especially when there are so many opinions as to how to train for triathlons. I may have a background in exercise physiology and exercise science and I may be a dietitian, specializing in sport nutrition but no amount of credentials can make it any easier to not overthink training (aka overtrain).

Product "EYE" Review - Oakley path, Oakley radar and Nootca goggles

As a licensed and registered dietitian (RD, LD/N), I abide by a code of ethics set forth by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to provide factual and practical information to the public. Unlike many celebrities and professional athletes, it is in your best interest (as the "consumer") that you understand that I am not paid to "sell" you on something that I don't believe in or personally endorse or tell you something that is untrue, just to receive a paycheck for my words (or actions). When it comes to product reviews, I hold myself to a similar set of standards. I do not accept money for product reviews but rather, when a company contacts me to review a product and provides me with the product for free, it is my responsibility to be truthful and honest in my review. Although what works for me may not work for you, I enjoy being a professional in the field of triathlons, health and wellness and provide the public (you) with information that may enhance you

Eggplant and squash casserole - worth the 45 minutes!

  First off, it's time for a day in the life of Campy.....   Focused and deep in thought......     10 minutes later, Campy has a new record. Another doggy stuffed animal in need of surgery and re-stuffing. Noted - the tag is still on.       I've been sharing lots of yummy creations on my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Facebook page so if you need a little inspiration as to what to create for breakfast, lunch of dinner, be sure to LIKE my page. I also share lots of articles, quotes and motivating results from my Trimarni coaching and nutrition athletes so I highly recommend checking out my page as my goal is to help others find balance between diet and exercise. (Thanks if you already LIKE the page!)     Eggplant and squash casserole   I shared this pic on Facebook last week and I promise, it tastes as good as it looks. This would be a great dish for the kiddos to help with and this makes great leftovers (combine a handful of spinach w/ le