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I suppose I should end my recovery session and start my RD exam studying but I'm envious of my chihuahua who makes it nearly impossible to get anything done. He's just too cute, I can't help but love on him all day long. This morning Karel and I parted on the road as he did the Open Road ride in town and I made my way to the beach for the Lodge ride. Looking forward to putting my new bike fit to the test, I figured that TriMarni would enjoy one of our favorite group rides. After 20 miles, I met up with the group and the pace was fast. The lead group of around 15 guys was holding a crazy fast pace and I never grabbed a wheel to hang on. My group of around 25 guys (and one other female) tried our hardest to chase them down and with the lead guys in sight, of course we would get the red light. Bummer. I really wanted to push on this ride so I took a short cut in order to try to catch the lead group. I picked up my speed to all-out when I saw them coming beca

Cycle, Run and Bandit fun

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. The morning started with a beautiful 35 mile ride on TriMarni at Jax Beach. I had a few glimpses of the ocean which made me incredibly happy. After the bike I went for a 35 min transition run and enjoyed new streets, new sights and new faces as I ran along 1st street, just a skip and a jump away from the boardwalks. I recovered with a super yummy recovery drink (cookies and cream Body Fortress protein powder) and got myself cleaned up for my first ever Retul fit (and first ever professional fit). Jeff Kopp (Karel's boss and owner of the Trek Jax bicycle stores) knows my history so it was very beneficial to have both Karel and Jeff do an amazing job analyzing my body and my current fit. Here is a little about Retul fitting..a costly purchase but a priceless investment: Karel has been fitting me for years and after the Retul fit, we only had to make a few minor adjustments to my seat post, saddle position and aeroba

Eating on the Road

Swimming is the best way for me to brainstorm. I have come up with many ideas for talks, presentations, blogs and articles while swimming lap after lap after lap. Yesterday at Master Swim...was one of those practices where I had no choice but to brainstorm. 300 warm-up 100 skull 6 x 100's 50 free/50 IM order (2 fly, 2 back, 2 free) 6 x 50's drill Main set: 1 x 3000 200 warm-down Total: 4500 yrds Well, at least she only had us do one 3000 and not two! So for 43 minutes, I thought about anything and everything and the time just went on by. I hope you enjoy my latest IG article. A topic that I have discussed several times before but hopefully there will be a new tip that you can apply to your journey in becoming a healthier, stronger and better well-fueled athlete. Eating on the Road Pertaining to nutrition, the overall mission of an Iron Girl athlete is to develop a healthy relationship with food. Although body composition goals are often primary reasons for embarking in the Iron

Perform Beautifully

To perform beautifully one must aim for progress not perfection. I love my body, not for a number on a scale, but for allowing me to cross finish lines and for being healthy and strong. Every day is worth waking up for and I’m not afraid to set goals which require dedication and energy. Every person is unique and because of that, I embrace the Oakley brand and the beauty that it brings to the female athlete or fitness enthusiast. In April, I applied for a contest from Oakley, called "Perform Beautifully". My good friend Laura told me about it and I enjoyed filling out the detailed application because I was able to write from the heart. Here's a little blurb on the contest from Running for two months, the contest allows women to share inspirations that fuel their active lifestyle by posting their pictures and videos for the chance to win an Oakley Ambassadorship for a year and a fitness retreat in Napa. Winners will be chosen by Oakley judges and visitor

Another Year Older!

As a triathlete, it is only appropriate that I remind myself that I only have 1 more year in my age group before moving UP into an older age group (30-35). But as a health and fitness professional, it feels great knowing that at the age of 29 (since today is my birthday), I feel younger than ever before. Since beginning of my journey of eating for fuel, I've learned to develop a healthy relationship with food as well as a strong desire to increase my quality of life. While I may not be able to prevent disease or death, my love for exercise and healthy eating is a passion of mine in an effort to improve my quality of life as well reducing my risk for disease. Because life has no itinerary nor any guarantees, I look back at the last 365 days and feel blessed that I had so many exciting opportunities and experiences to share with all my blog readers. Because I can't plan the future, I only hope I can continue to inspire, motivate and share my passion with others, as I continue to

Beautiful weekend away

It's always nice to get away, especially when family and old friends are involved. My training is going great lately and I couldn't wait to ride on familiar roads, down south in the Tampa Bay Area. While in Jax on Fri morning, after finishing a hot, 50 mile tempo bike, followed by a 46 min transition run, I recovered with a campy walk, stretching, ice shorts, a smoothie, more stretching/hip exercises and breakfast. Then came several hours of RD exam studying (with more stretching..I'm very careful not to sit too long as I've learned that my body and hip flexors are not keen on sitting for long periods of time). I was delighted to hear from a high school friend who was in town so Campy and I made a quick stop to visit her and her beautiful 3 kids. After a massive shower outside, I picked up Karel from work and we were off to visit my parents, late Friday evening. I was super excited for Sat morning and couldn't wait to join the Gearlink group ride. Karel and I drove