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Tempeh stir-fry with Basmati rice

There's food inspiration everywhere and depending on your creativity in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. I recently received my first every wok from my brother and his new wife and I couldn't wait to put it to good use. When I was reading a recent issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter, I came across this page on stir-fry recipes.   Instant Trimarni Motivation!!   One of my favorite proteins in my plant strong diet is Tempeh. Actually, Karel is the one that turned me to LOVE tempeh after he had a wrap from Nat with Tempeh inside of it. I am a big fan of soy (in it's whole form) because it is a complete protein and contains all essential amino acids. So, not only is this ancient fermented soybean food great for my health but tempeh is also protein packed (20g per 4 ounce serving) which makes for a great fuel in my active lifestyle.     With the following ingredients in my kitchen, it was time to get to work with

Ramekin omelet and kale chips

I don't like diet fads. There's something special about having motivation (and not desperation) to focus on yourself, your own needs and your own goals.  As a clinical RD, I have to lump people into categories all the time in the hospital based on a primary diagnosis - COPD, Diabetes, Renal Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Small Bowel Obstruction, Pneumonia, etc. But after the diagnosis, everyone is different - everyone has his/her own past medical history, medication list and treatment plan which affects how the patient is treated.  For whatever reason, there are far too many people who do not consider individual needs when modifying the diet or prescribing to an exercise routine. A mass marketed diet plan or exercise/training plan is hard to abide to especially if you are making life fit into your plan. Instead, I find joy in making sure a style of eating and exercising enhances life and that the plan fits into your life.  It's a short-lived investment

In case you missed it - recent media

When I don't write, my head starts to hurt. Too many thoughts in my head that all need to get on paper. ASAP! Thankfully, I have had several opportunities in the past few months (in the world of magazines, deadlines are far before the publishing date) to empty all the thoughts that typically build up in my head when I am swimming, biking or running. Happy Reading! Triathlete Magazine - Jan 2014 Dear Coach column, pg 18 (Contributor highlight pg 6) What's the difference between simply eating health and fueling properly for training? In this article I discuss my thoughts on eating to stay healthy versus eating to perform. Never forget that an unhealthy body cannon perform, no matter how much sport nutrition you provide it wit. Prioritze fuel around workouts when your body is under the most training stress to help you be consistent with your workout routine. Your nutrition surrounding workouts is only as effecitve as your day-to-day diet (which fuels your worko

Giving a shout-out to your body

For the past five years, I have written 60 articles for Iron Girl. Wow- that's a lot of brainstorming and researching!   Every month, I try to think of a topic that is relatable but can also make a difference in your life and how you go about reaching your personal goals.   There are many topics that I can choose to write about for my last monthly column (December) of the year on , especially with the New Year approaching.   But, I try to stay with my philosophy of seeing food for fuel and for health and focusing on a balanced lifestyle in order to improve quality of life.   2012: Meaningful numbers - focus beyond the scale 2011: Mutlisport myths explained: Compression 2010: New Year Changes 2009: How dense are your snacks? 2008: Off Season nutrition     I hope you enjoy my latest column with Iron Girl as you think about your goals for 2014 and reflect on 2013. Not only is it a personal topic for myself, but as a clinical dietitian and exer

Spreading Campy Love

Animals are amazing. They sure do know how to brighten your day. In the past 5 years, I have created so many memories with Campy. It's not because he gets to travel to cool places all the time but without even speaking a human word, he has shown me what life is all about. Campy does a great job of enjoying every day. Not thinking about the future or complaining about the past, Campy lives-up every single day.....even when he is napping. There's can be a lot negativity in this world, especially on social media and way too much confusion as to how to live a "healthy" life so I decided to let Campy share with us as to how we can all live a quality life.   Travel, move your body and smile. Dream big. Enjoy a little "me" time on a daily basis. Don't sweat the small stuff. Love yourself just as much as you love others. Play hard. Life is short. Make the most out of every moment. Don't stress. Did you thank y


Source   When I see the body of an Olympic athlete, I am in awe. I do not get envious at his/her abs or ripped legs/arms and I do not begin to bash my own  body. I see a body that has been trained hard, pushed beyond limits and on the verge of breaking and I am amazed at what the Olympic athlete can challenge his/her body to do on event day. I do not dream to be an Olympic athlete because I do not have the gift of mental, physical and emotional strength to push my body to those limits and therefore, I do not expect my body to look like an Olympic athlete. But, I can share my passion for using and moving the body, just like an Olympic athlete and I can be proud of what my body allows me to do, even without an Olympic medal around my neck.   The human body is amazing and this is why I went on to earn a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology. The human body is so complex at rest but make it move and you have something absolutely incredible to study, watch and marvel over. You