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Chicken Taco Salad

Salads are an easy pick when trying to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet. You probably order fat-free dressing or dressing on the side in order to save calories. But some salads at fast-food and restaurants have the healthy ingredients in the inside but the killer calories come from the outside. Yes, I'm talking about the Taco Salad. Before I turned "healthy" (circa 2000), I always struggled finding food when on the road. I traveled a lot for swim meets or my brothers gymnastics meets and I wasn't a big fan of salads. Now I don't like fast food salads because they are expensive and all I get are a few shredded carrots and tomatoes on a bed of browning ice burg lettuce. Then, however, I wanted cheese, cheese and more cheese and that wasn't found in salad. I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and for the first 8 years of my "meat-free life" I ate a lot of pasta, cheese, pizza and well, more cheese. Luckily, my outside's loo

Egg salad

For the past month, Karel and I have been making egg salad. Each time is different with a new ingredient in our recipe. Last night I made a delicious and spicy egg salad which went great on top of a bed of spinach. Unfortunately, I didn't make enough and we have no leftovers. Egg salad can be so healthy but if you buy it pre-made in the store or follow the basic egg salad recipe, you are likely to consume a lot of fat and calories. Here's a typical egg salad recipe.... * 8 eggs 1 egg = 78 calories, 5.4g fat, 212mg cholesterol, 6.3g protein * 1 tablespoon mayonnaise 1 tbsp = 90 calories, 10g fat * 2 tablespoons prepared Dijon-style mustard 1 tsp = 5 calories, 120mg sodium * 1 teaspoon dried dill weed * 1 teaspoon paprika * 1/2 red onion, minced Here's my recipe.... *5 egg whites 1 egg white = 16 calories, 4g protein *2 egg yokes (Or 3 egg whites + 2 whole eggs) *1/3 cup diced purple onion *2 cloves garlic (diced) *1/4 cup green peppers (diced) *1/2 can of diced tomatoes and

A little R&R

My weekend away is almost done. Like always, I LOVE being with my parents. I wish Karel was here to make us laugh and to explain the tour to my parents but it was nice to get away from my normal routine. As far as R&R, there was lots of bike riding (60 miles on sat and sun) and a 4000 solo swim with 4 sets of 5 x 100's on Fri. My leg is almost healed but nervous to run. Libby told me to try to run/walk today but I am too scared so I will wait until tomorrow. Wish me luck! After my bike workouts, I jumped into the pool to do a little water jogging and stretching. I love having a pool all to myself. One thing that didn't relax was my brain. Too much homework and projects. I have an exam tomorrow in Advanced Nutrition and I am overwhelmed with the all of the steps of glycolysis and the krebs cycle (which I have learned at least 10 times and there is always something new, and confusing, to learn each time), the steps for breaking down fiber in the digestive tract, the many kind