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Cultivating empathy in a divisive world

In a divisive world, people are very passionate in their beliefs and opinions. This is only heightened on social media where anyone can express opinions without censorship, restraint or legal penalty. When a topic is polarized by different views, thoughts or opinions, you may find yourself in one of two situations - you either full heartedly agree or disagree. While it may be hard to accept that a friend or family member has a different opinion to you, the ability to understand and to be understood in a world of conflicts is extremely important. Every person in this world has a unique context which helps inform and shape the way he/she sees the world and behaves in it. As much as you want people to understand where you are coming from (and your point of view), you must be willing to do the same for others. To enter a space of conflict or lack of understanding, here are a few tips: Accept differences. People come from different backgrounds and are brought up and taught to believe in di

National Nutrition Month - Don't diet, personalize your plate.

  It's National Nutrition Month ! The theme this year is Personalize Your Plate.  We are all unique with different bodies, goals, fitness levels, backgrounds and tastes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. When your diet is varied – without restriction – it’s much easier to meet energy needs and to supply your body with adequate vitamins, minerals and macronutrients to support your health and performance goals. Eating should always remain a source of pleasure, not panic. Eating should never be extreme or all-consuming. Don't diet. Personalize your plate. The fact that there are thousands of diets out there, promoting different tips and tricks, should be enough to tell you that no one diet works. The diet industry loves to profit from exploiting your expectations and insecurities as they damage your relationship with food. No food is the enemy. Every food serves a purpose – from nourishment and fuel to fulfilling hunger, making memories and celebratin

End of Feb weekly training recap

I recovered pretty well after the Thomasville Clay (err....mud)100-mile classic.  For the 48 hours after the event, I was really tired. The feeling was very familiar as it was like the lethargy/empty feeling that I am familiar with after an Ironman. Thankfully I wasn't too sore. This is one of the (many) great things about cycling (compared to running) in that you can do epic adventures and not destroy your tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue, which means quicker to return back to training.  With three absolutely beautiful and warm days this week, I felt my mood lifting and the fatigue from the event subsided just in time for me to take my bike and run workouts outside. After a tough morning swim workout on Tues, I joined my new friend Alexi (who is a professional cyclist) and her boyfriend for her afternoon bike workout. The main set was two rounds of 3 x 2 min high power, high cadence efforts up Paris Mountain w/ 5 min EZ recovery between each two minute effort and ~10-15 min EZ