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Veggie-packed lasagna

  It's not about the noodles. When it comes to lasagna, there's something about the combination of flavors that come in layers as you take each bite. I realize that my Lasagna doesn't compare to Carraba's Italian Grill Lasagna but maybe that's because a serving of lasagna in the restaurant can give your body ~750 calories, 45g of fat and 2500+ mg sodium. My creation fuels an active body.   When it comes to my diet, I don't have off-limit foods. I have a way of eating that allows me to fuel my active lifestyle. When I make my creations, I like to taste each ingredient and get lost in flavor. There's nothing worse than eating a meal and having the mind rolling w/ thoughts as to all the reasons why you "shouldn't" be eating it. It's no fun eating when you have an unhealthy relationship w/ food and your body. It's not the food that you need to evaluate....consider your mind.   I encourage everyone to eat in a way that makes you

A few small changes before 2013

Over Thanksgiving I was talking with my 89 year old Grandpa who is mentally sharp, active and living independently in Reno, NV with his wife (re-married after my Grandma passed away a while back - they just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary yesterday). Like many people Grandpa Joe is still interested in the "best" diet out there. I think speaking to individuals on nutrition should be a case-by-case discussion, with similar recommendations but age-appropriate information that is also practical and realistic. I have spoken with a variety of people in and out of the hospital, from all different socioeconomic background, with all types of diseases and lifestyle issues (ex. wheelchair bound, no car, living off food-stamps, etc.) which make giving advice on the perfect "diet" near to impossible. Our society reads too much about what not to do and I believe we should be spending our energy on what we can do. There are so many diet books out there as to what not

Feel good Monday

I thought about giving this blog a title of "get back on track" but for many of you, you may feel as if the holiday was the "occasional" time to enjoy yourself with some treats and change in routine and come Monday you will be back to feeling good with your daily habits of living a quality, balanced lifestyle. For others, there's no reason to beat yourself up for eating a bit more than normal and taking advantage of some extra R&R over the Thanksgiving long-weekend. Even if you struggled with balanced eating and a consistent exercise routine prior to the holiday, there's no point wasting energy on complaining about the past. I recently wrote an article for my monthly column on in regard to eating plant-strong all year long. I find that many people struggle with craving and enjoying fruits and veggies in the winter months so I came up with a few tips on how you can bulk up the diet with more nutrient-dense foods. Plant-strong holiday eating