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It's Official!!!

I quickly lost a lot of $$$$$....but I booked my flight to Kona!!! Flight Itinerary Leave Tampa, FL: 7:49 AM 06 Oct 2007 Arrive in Phoenix, AZ 9:11 AM 06 Oct 2007 Leave Phoenix 10:36 AM 06 Oct 2007 Arrive in Kona, HI 2:02 PM 06 Oct 2007 Leave Kona, HI 11:45 PM 15 Oct 2007 Arrive Phoenix, AZ 8:28 AM 16 Oct 2007 Leave Phoenix, AZ 9:03 AM 16 Oct 2007 Arrive Tampa, FL 4:25 PM 16 Oct 2007 15 weeks until race day!!!!


Sunday was tough...very tough. The workout was great but because I did not have my sunday training partner (celia) I was in a mental battle the whole workout. Karel was off in Deland for the weekend (which he placed 10th in the road race and 9th in the proud of him!) and it was just me for the weekend training. To make myself go to bed early on sat evening in order to get up at my usual time of 6am (sleeping in) for the weekend was the first battle. Then, once I finished my coffee and oatmeal on sunday morning, I had to convince myself that I was ready to stay motivated for the bike-run-bike brick that i do on sundays. Of course, my focus is on the long run but it is so easy to get the two bike workouts in (spinning the legs) when I normally bike to and from Celia's house. The run is just something we both enjoy and we talk the entire time. Just a great way to do a 2 hour run! So I decided to bike my run course to keep me entertained and to pay attention to mile markers so