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Showing posts from October 25, 2020

It's time for your mental health check-up

  It's been a difficult time for everyone.  I came across this article on  assessing your mental health . After reading this article and going through the self-exam questions, I am surprised that more people don't admit to having mental health issues. There's no shame in not being okay. If feelings of sadness, worry, hopelessness, anxiety, nervousness or irritability are effecting your ability to fully engage in work, physical activity or relationships, do yourself a favor and seek help. One in four people in the US is living with a diagnosable mental health issue, yet less than half seek treatment. It's so easy to reach out for physical health help but far too many ignore mental health help. Your brain is part of your body. Your mental health is part of your physical health.  I wanted to invite you to check-up with your mental health: Have you felt more anxious or worried than usual? Have you lost interest in activities that usually hold your attention? Have you felt m

You are not born hating your body

We live in a society where we are constantly being told that losing weight is good and gaining weight is bad. Although segments of the population may benefit from dietary changes that will promote healthy weight loss to reduce the complications from metabolic syndrome, many individuals (particularly athletes) are constantly striving for a smaller version of themselves.  Often times - as a result of undereating, dieting, overtraining and underfueling - physical health gets destroyed and emotional well-being becomes compromised.  You are not born hating your body. You are not born fearing weight gain. You learn to feel fat. Thanks to a society that believes that gaining weight in any context is shameful, unhealthy and bad, you grow into hating your body. Society is constantly trying to sell you the idea that you will never be good enough the way that you are. That you would be happier, healthier or fitter if you weighed less, had less fat around your stomach or toned up your arms and leg

12-year wedding anniversary

  Today we celebrate our 12-year wedding anniversary.  Karel and I met on two wheels. We were set-up by mutual friends. We officially had our first date during a group ride. When we met, Karel was an experienced bike racer who had no swimming skills and only ran a few miles a week in his off-season. I was training for my first Ironman and I was an unskilled cyclist who loved to swim and run. Today, Karel and I share of love for triathlon. Karel has become a speedy efficient runner and my cycling fitness has improved drastically over the years. I still love to swim and well, Karel tolerates swimming.  Since our entire relationship has involved bike riding, I think of marriage just like riding a bike.  Marriage requires work. There are difficult times - like riding a bike in headwind, or up a really steep hill. There are times when you are flying downhill or you have the wind at your back - these are the fun and easy times. And sometimes you fall off and need help. And then there are mom