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A different perspective on World Vegetarian Day

  Today is World Vegetarian Day.  When I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian nearly 28 years ago, I didn't know that a vegetarian diet has a positive benefit on the environment or my health. I was only 10 years old. I simply stopped eating meat for animal reasons. Today, I continue to enjoy my vegetarian diet knowing that I am protecting animal rights, the environment and my health.  Although a vegetarian diet helps create a better world, there are many different definitions of a plant-based style of eating. On World Vegetarian Day, I'd like to offer a different perspective on plant-based eating. If you are looking to adopt a more plant-based style of eating, I encourage you to pursue your own definition of what plant-based means to you and how it can be good for the environment, good for animals and good for your health. If you are considering transitioning to a more plant-based diet, there' s  no need to immediately title your diet as vegan or vegetarian to take advantage of th

The role of sugar in an athlete's diet

Over the past few years, carbohydrates have endured an extreme amount of backlash. Labeled as unhealthy due to a link to obesity (and contributing to many other metabolic diseases and health issues), it's understandable why so many endurance athletes fear carbohydrates. With so much negative attention placed on this one macronutrient, it's easy to assume that carbohydrates are the enemy and will negatively affect body composition, health and performance. To help clear up the confusion, endurance athletes have two different styles of eating: -Sport nutrition -Daily nutrition Your daily diet provides the foundation to optimize health. This diet is rich in wholesome (real) foods, fiber, quality proteins, heart-healthy fats, and slow-digesting carbohydrates and contains a large amount of fruits and vegetables. Your daily diet is the vehicle to help you maintain a healthy (realistic) body weight, reduce the risk for disease/illness and optimize quality (and longevity of life). An op

2020 6-gap Century Recap

  As the story goes, 2020 is providing us with different racing opportunities. We feel extremely lucky that we have options for races. Although there aren't a lot to choose from, we have been able to get into different race environments which has allowed us to scratch our competitive itch and be around other athletes. After the Tugaloo Olympic triathlon two weeks ago and the Upstate open water splash a week ago, it was time for our bikes to Dahlonega for the 32nd Annual 6-gap century ride.  This was our 2nd time participating in this event. Our last time was in 2009 - eleven years ago! We haven't been back since so it was a ride down memory lane as we did our course recon ride on Saturday (we did 3 of the gaps - Wolfpen, Woody and Neils on the day before the event - 39 miles). If you would like to read my even recap blog from 2009, you can check it out HERE . I found it to be extremely entertaining as I've come sooooo far with my cycling skills and endurance. I was joking w