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Tri Talk

I'm sure my nutrition talk gets a bit boring so I thought I would talk about something everyone can relate to...Triathlons!! And, even if you don't do triathlons, I hope you enjoy my new accessory to my bike (or my pics of Campy). Tomorrow I have my first triathlon of the season. First triathlon since August! Last night as Karel and I were watching the Giro (if you have comcast, the giro is on EVERYDAY for 3 weeks straight, in addition to lots of marathons, triathlons and cycling events on the US channel, which is 200. I LOVE this channel, so much better than versus! Who wants to watch fishing and hunting? BOO for those "sports"!) and Karel told me he would die if he didn't race for 9 months. I laughed because I have done running but no tri's. Well, the time is here and I can finally race! The triathlon (Beaches Fine Arts Triathlon #1) is a sprint (first one of the series), which is the toughest of them all for me. For a 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike and 3 mile


After all that hard work, the grades are in and I can smile. Biochemistry - A Nutrition in the life cycle - A Professional Development - A And within 1 week after I finished my classes, I started up again. BOO! Luckily, my dietetic courses don't start for another week so I am only taking 1 course right now. The course is technical writing and I am LOVING the book! However, the online class is super time-consuming with 3-5 quizzes a week and 1-2 assignments per week. Lots to squeeze in for an 8-week course. On a seperate note, I ordered my books for this summer and they are here! Sadly, the price of the books is close to the price for an Ironman race and in a few weeks I will be paying for my dietetic classes, equivilant to a brand new bike. Oh, the price for education over fun. But, it is all worth it! Here are my books for this summer: International Dietietics and Nutrition Terminology Reference Manual Nutritional Assessment Technical Communication Food and Nutrition Therapy Advan


The other day I received an email from a cycling friend in Palm Harbor, Fl. He first sent an attachment of a card that he got for his b-day. It was a funny card on his behalf because my friend has lost A LOT of weight since I started working with him about 2 years ago. He went from a non-lean category 4 rider to a lean and strong category 3 rider. And, as a married, father of two (1 is a newborn) he is loving his new life of healthy eating and LOTS of energy. Here's his email: I wanted to show you the B-day card that my co-workers gave me. It's pretty funny and they hit the nail on the head when it comes to my diet. Except I do eat cake once in a while! You’re lucky you don't work in an office environment where most of the people are overweight and have really bad eating habits. I tell you it's hard to say no to Chinese buffets and barbecue but I'm dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I try to convince them to eat healthy but they just make jokes about it all the time.

Zucchini Bread

After my 82 mile ride and 43 min. run on Sat. I was anxious to get cleaned up for the Farmers Market. I had my smoothie and at 1:30, Campy and I headed to Laura's house. Campy was wore out from our 23 min. run (the last part of my brick run) and I was slowly running out of endorphins from my 5 hour workout. However, I wasn't going to miss the farmers market! I spent $8 and got all this! What a steal! (Sorry-Karel and I ate 1/2 the watermelon this weekend. Couldn't resist before I took the pic) (I also got 5 zucchini's for $1. Laura and I split those) I was determined to get a watermelon for less than $5 (I got it for $4) and I wanted to get a Zucchini. I wanted blueberries but they are still a bit expensive for me. Well, they aren't expensive if I lived by myself but my $3.50 carton of blueberries would last a day with Karel around. They were so big and they looked sooo delicious, but I think in a month the price will drop below $3 for a large container. I am super

Mother's Day Recipes

Happy mom day!!!! If you are a are amazing! Happy mother's day to my mom who I couldn't love enough. My family is great and my mom has always been my number one fan and supporter. From the age of 12 when I told my mom I was going to be a vegetarian to deciding to move to Florida, alone, for graduate school... my mom supported me. There was also a lot between the years of 12 and 22 that she put up with but I think she raised me just great! It wasn't easy when I told my mom that I met a cute cyclist with a great Czech accent(who is now my hubby), but I couldn't wait to tell her that I was engaged a year later. It wasn't until I had to tell her that Karel and I were moving to Jacksonville a year later, just a few months before our wedding that I knew my mom supported all my life decisions. I think I was the one who had the hard time saying good-bye to my short 40 min. drive (or 1:20 min. bike) to my parents house when we lived in Dunedin but at least I can se