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Maximize performance without overemphasizing weight

Whether you are an athlete or coach, you know there are constant conversations in sport discussing weight and performance. The constant narrative says that you must lose weight in order to improve as an athlete.  It's as if the only way to be a successful athlete is to be a smaller version of yourself. Although there are truths in the weight and performance discussion, there are also many false beliefs and misunderstandings. While there are healthy ways to optimize body composition and to improve health, the influence and pressures of diet culture, social media, old school coaching methods and beliefs and sport body sterotypes make it difficult for many athletes to maintain a healthy relationship with food, the body and exercise.  Self imposed beliefs about being "too heavy" for sport are reinforced by the media, coaches, influencers, "experts" and commentators who often highlight an athlete's body shape, size or weight over skill, performance or effort. The

No more Gatorade Endurance at NA Ironman Events?

  I recently heard/read some rumors that at the upcoming Ironman Texas event, Gatorade Endurance will be replaced with Mortal hydration at the bike and run aid stations. The Gatorade Endurance Formula has been on all Ironman and 70.3 U.S. race courses since 2015. The exclusive multi-year partnership took effect on January 1, 2015. I have never been a big fan of Gatorade Endurance as I feel there are better, well-formulated products on the market. I've only used Gatorade once on race day. It was 2017 Ironman Chattanooga and two of my three bottles bounced out of the cages as I rode of the railroad tracks. Although I didn't enjoy deviating from my nutrition plan, I knew I needed a replacement for the fluids, carbohydrates and sodium that I lost in my bottles. I was thankful I had three more bottles of my own nutrition at Special Needs. Thankfully it all worked out ok as I finished as the overall female amateur of the day. I am a big fan of being self-sufficient at races and the m