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A little R&R

I'm off to Napa Valley for the Oakley Women ambassador fitness retreat. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people, a change in weather, making new friends and more than!! A 5k, Trek bike tour w/ wine tasting, yoga, hiking....looks like my itinerary is jammed packed so I am sure I will be taking lots of pics. As for the blogging and emailing....we will see if I have any free time and what I choose to do with it :) I'm looking forward to previewing the brand new, premier line of Oakley clothing and sunglasses and eating lots of fabulous food from out west. Off I go for a long day of traveling and 4 days of fun and activity!

RD exam "race" report

I suppose it would be uncharacteristic of me to not write a "race" report of my RD exam experience. After spending the last 2 days reflecting on my passing grade (although, I am still in disbelief) I am now ready to write my report. The days leading up to the exam (after many weeks of serious studying) felt very similar to getting ready for the start of an Ironman. The only difference was that with an Ironman, EVERYONE knows the "BIG" day. In contrast, I only told 2 people that I was taking the exam on Tues June 21st to alleviate any added pressure. Over the past week, I was filled with emotions and couldn't help but reflect on all the hard work that I did to get to the RD exam starting line. I viewed this exam as anything else important and worth-while in my life. Anyone can consider training for an Ironman although only a handful reach the starting line. Then there are the select few that reach the finish line (there are no guarantees with an Ironman, no matte


I would like to share my philosophy in how I live my life... Step 1: Set a goal and don't be afraid of the journey or the length of time it takes to reach the goal Step 2: Be prepared for the hard work, recognize/acknowledge your strengths and weakneses and accept the temporary sacrifices Step 3: Believe in yourself. Do not give up! Step 4: Celebrate your achievement Step 5: Reflect Step 6: Repeat (with a new goal) I believe there is a big difference in wanting something and working hard for something. I saw a quote the other day that spoke very loud to me. "When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there." I think this quote relates very easily to those seeking body composition changes or performance gains but to me, I take away something different from this quote. It's easy to want something really bad in life because it looks so great when someone else has it. But it isn't until you start working har

Too many fruits on a salad?

First off, a very Happy Father's day to the best Dad ever. My dad has supported me in all of my crazy adventures and has never given up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. He always has a way of making me see the brighter side and he can always make me laugh and smile. Love you dad, you are one amazing happy you are mine! And to all those amazing fathers out there, I hope you enjoyed your special day. When I am about to make a Marni "salad" creation, I first look inside my fridge and see what produce I have to work with. I don't like to limit myself to only veggies so in my mind, it is not possible to have too many fruits on a salad. Enjoy! Fruity vegetable salad Romaine lettuce or Spinach Carrots Onions Tomatoes Green peppers Garlic (chopped) Peanuts Choice of protein (I used a hard-boiled egg) Blueberries Orange Strawberries Apple (brown bowl for Karel, pink bowl for me)