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Smoothie article and Is Carb-loading necessary?

I am excited to share with you a fantastic article that was written by Matthew Kadey, MS, RD in the recent June 2012 issue of Bicycling Magazine. On pg 39, there is a "how to" section on creating the perfect smoothie to meet your needs. As a lover of smoothies, it was a privilege to provide a quote in this article (pg 38). I invite you to purchase this issue or subscribe to the magazine (check out the website as well, here ). It's the beginning of the month so you know what that means....another article of mine in the monthly FREE  Iron Girl newsletter! I know this topic gets a lot of discussion so I am happy to share my thoughts. Enjoy! Is Carb Loading Necessary? -Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N A somewhat ritualistic approach for many endurance athletes, the typical pre-race "pasta party" needs little explanation for its purpose. Scientifically proven to boost endurance in events lasting more than two hours in duration, loading strategies vary but the

2012 Athens Twilight (spectator) race report - part II

The crowds were 3 rows deep and it was hard to find a spot to watch the action. The local Twilight beer filled the cups of many people around the 1K course and as the women's race came to a close, the music started to increase in volume and you could see the anticipation and adrenaline just firing within the Pro riders. Not knowing the situation with Karel and his wheel, I finally could breath (albeit, a short and not long-lived relaxing exhale) when I heard Karel's name..and his first ever call-up! (Thanks Sean C. for the video!!) After 35 VIP riders received their call-ups, the baracades were removed from the other 115 or so riders and the tension started to mount. Chad does an A-mazing job of announcing, I absolutely LOVE hearing him as a race announcer. As an added treat/bonus to the evening, the course had a jumbo-tron on the other side of the course, as well as another announcer to keep the action exciting for the spectators, no matter where you watched th

2012 Athens Twilight (spectator) race report - part 1

What It’s Like To Be On A Bike In The Twilight "The Athens Twilight Criterium is, by consensus, the fastest one- hour of bicycle racing on this planet. The speed is insane. The maniacal speed is a direct result of the course - it's a one-kilometer rectangle that riders can whip around without braking, even through the corners. If a rider even feathers the brakes, he's (she's) losing ground. The Twilight is an opportunity for a rider to slap his chain onto the big ring, open the throttle and flat-out haul arse. The insane speed is also a direct result of the racers. These are the adrenaline junkies, the ones with the need for speed, the fastest guys and gals in the world over short distances. These lunatics can lean their bikes, and their bodies, around this one- kilometer rectangle at precarious angles and ludicrous speeds that defy Sir Isaac's general principles, and maybe one or two of Moses' ten tenets. Going this fast must be a sin. But if yo