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I'm Going!

This is so crazy! I can't believe I am going to the Ironman World Championships tomorrow morning! My flight leaves around 7am. I am all packed and I am about to pack up the bike. Well..Karel is about to pack up my bike :) Lucky me! I will keep my blog updated as much as possible. Lots of pics for sure! Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. This has been an awful month because of my injury and I never imagined going into the world championships on the injured list. I am truely honored to compete and I hope to finish the race with a grateful smile on my face. I am happy that I received so many nice emails and phone calls from people who encouraged me to go to the race and give it my best. I have a great tri-family support group out there! But I find it funny that soooo many people encourage me to compete so that they can watch the race on the computer, enjoying some pancakes or pizza (Depending on what time you are watching the race on with feet up on a co

Racing through an Injury????

As I sat on my couch contemplating what to do with my Kona dream I thought it would be easier to express myself through writing (something I love more than talking!). As you can tell, this last month has been just devestating. All that training and in one weekend I saw my dream disappear. More frustrated about the money I spent for the trip (not fun spending money for nothing), but just bummed that I have been forced to make a decision if I would go to Kona. I thought I made that decision on November 5th, 2006 when I won my age group at IMFL. Was I ever happy when I saw my name above that red line...I couldn't tell you how excited I was to give my $470 check to Heather Fuhr in that black Kona-qualifier tent after the race. And now, almost a year later I can't even read a forum about Kona without being bummed. With the hope that my injury would go away after a couple weeks, it has now been 1 month since I was able to run without pain. Although I can ride and swim without pain, I

The decision is made

Warning: Some material may not be suitable for those who are obsessed with triathlons, Ironmans or Kona. I can honestly say that I have never felt more stress, emotions and sadness in my life than I have in the last 4 weeks. Perhaps there were some times in Graduate school where I felt more stress, but as of September 7th I have experienced ever emotion possible. I haven't been too open about my time off from running since Sept 7th nor have I discussed the extent of my injury. From being diagnosed from piriformis syndrome to iliopsoas syndrome I have been in extreme pain for the past 4 weeks. Ok, so 4 weeks isn't that long for an injury to play its course but with my flight to Kona leaving on Saturday October 6th (5 days!!!) I have been extremely pressed for time. After MANY doctor appoitments, shots, MRI's and X-rays, medications, massages, PT appoitments, Stretching sessions and great advice from friends I can finally be proud of my decision to go to Kona. So, I'm a l