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70.3 World Championship Spectator Race Report

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was pooped last night. After getting home at 6pm and eating dinner shortly after, I worked on a case study microbiology report for about an hour and my brain turned off around 8pm. I called Karel to tell him good-night and Campy and I were ready for bed at 915pm. The night went by fast and I felt like I was racing this morning. The alarm went off at 4:35am and Campy was in no mood to get up. So, it was just me getting ready this morning and I threw on my running shorts, tank top and visor and with my coffee in my hand I was out the door at 5am. I headed south to downtown Clearwater and at 545am I was parking for the shuttle. I boarded the shuttle and I was at the beach by 6:10am. I met up with Kate, her sis and family and I had my camera ready to go. Unfortunately, my rechargeable batteries are slowly approaching their last charge. I did make my near-empty battery last for the entire race by prioritizing my pics to the pros, my local friends and m


That would be Campy and me. My morning started at 4:40am. Campy was in no mood to get up but he didn't want to be alone in bed. Karel is usually the one who gets Campy up in the morning (yes-Campy LIKES to sleep in until about 6:30!! Who does that in the Sumbal household???) After I quickly made my coffee and let Campy out for a quick squirt in the bushes I was off to the Y. 5:15am I was on the treadmill and 1 hour and 35 minutes later I had ran a little over 12 miles. Because the treadmill only allowed me to do 30 continuous minutes, the workout went by super fast. It was more like 3 x 30 min sessions. I did get a little bored (even with my radio) after the first 30 min. so I did my favorite quickie set of 6 min @ 7.7mph 6 x 45 sec @ 9mph 5 min @ 7.7 5 x 45 sec @ 9mph ETC I finished my sweaty workout with some crunches and I went home to take a shower. Now that I think about it, I usually do my "long" run with toast and PB and this morning I had water during the workout

He's a little nervous but excited

This morning I ran a bit more than I had intended. I had 6 pages of DNA replication, antiobiotic structures and other "entertaining" microbacterial facts and the time flew by as I studied for my microbiology exam.....9.7 miles later Karel had arrived and he ran on the treadmill next to me as I walked my cool-down. Yep, almost 10 miles on the treadmill and I only ran without my notes for 30 minutes. This kind of studying got me through grad school and I would much rather get in a good sweat than sit in on the couch in my sweats and study. Karel and I lifted for about 20 minutes and I went home to quickly shower, change, prepare my oatmeal and hit the road. 20 minutes later I was at school and ready for my microbiology exam. After my exam I spent the morning texting Kate. I am super excited to see her and hopefully, lots more bloggers down in Clearwater. Kate's bike is all fixed up with a little love from Karel and I will be hand delivering it to her on fri morning at 9am s

BOO for school, YAY for workouts!

School is taking the best of me right now. I am SO over it! I feel like I have senior-itis and I'm not even close to being finished. Ok, so maybe I am with only 3 semesters to go but my little schedule of two classes, two days a week is getting to me. I just want to learn at school and go home to my campy, smudla and Karel. NO MORE STUDYING!!! ERRRRR. Where is that stupid light at the end of this LONG, LONG tunnel...oh yeah, that RD behind my name!! Luckily, I will get to apply to an internship in September since I will be finished with my dietetic program in the fall. I am applying to the MayoClinic and hopefully, I will be accepted and all this studying will pay off. As for my other passion, training is going great! I am a bit more focused now that I have two races approaching. I will be doing the Outback half marathon on Thanksgiving and the Jacksonville Marathon in the end of December. Also, with Karel starting his base training, it is nice to have a partner at the Y when I lif

Avoiding Off-Season Weight Gain

ATTENTION: 70.3 World Championship and IMAZ triathletes...this doesn't apply to you!! Stay focused with your training and read this article so you can be ready for your off-season. However, for everyone else....time to get motivated and start exercising!!!! I had to write this article because this is a topic that so many people struggle with in the off-season. Karel takes off from everything active for a week whereas I exercise 7 days a week (give or take a day off every now and then) for about 3-4 weeks. After our "off" period from training we both enjoy the aerobic workouts which comprise our build phase of our training. If you want to race fast and be strong in your build phase, be sure to keep up with the "exercising" in the off-season. Every triathlete needs a strong heart..don't stop exercising it! Avoiding Off-Season Weight Gain By: Marni Rakes Sadly, the triathlon season is quickly coming to an end and, unless you live in a year-round warm state, the

Behind the scenes wedding pics

First off, Congrats to ALL IMFL finishers (and participants). I hope everyone had a great day out there. Be sure to reflect as much possible on one of the best achievements ever! Can't wait to see some bloggers at 70.3 worlds! Karel getting ready Groomsmen Nothing like a little alcohol to ease the nerves Karel with his mom and dad Just married! Time for cake Wearing our cake