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Showing posts from July 29, 2007

I'm Pleased..let the REAL training begin.

What a wet week. So much rain and it really affected my training. Tuesday I had a great swim/run workout and I really busted my butt on the treadmill. No evening bike and I really didn't feel like it either. Sometimes the tuesday am workout really wipes out my legs so I am ok with no evening ride on tuesday. Wednesday morning I had my spin class and because I was predicting rain and no evening ride, I really pushed my class hard for our 45 min. class. We did hills, sprints and lots of fun stuff on our spinning bikes. After the spin class I usually rest my legs and go for a swim after weight training, but I opted for a 5 mile interval run on the treadmill to give my legs a good brick workout. Again, I anticipated no evening ride. Well, weather was ok at 5:30 so i hoped on the road bike and headed out for my 45 min. ride to meet the group in Landsbrook. There was only a handfull of us (around 15) and the rain started to come down around loop 1 of our ride. Oh will rain in a

WARNING: Blog contains "Roadie" talk

I repeat, Blog is not suited for Triathletes! what a great weekend. Although I started my trip on a sad note due to my clinic being cancelled, I had to change my feelings quickly in order to try to enjoy the 8 hour trip to the Gwinnett Cycling fest. After a couple food/pottie stops, we (Jim B., Karel and I) arrived at Stage 1 of the Gwinnett cycling fest. How cooll was this! We were at a race car course for the cycling race! I couldn't believe that the climbs and descends on this race course for cars and the fact that there were so many cyclists was amazing! Jim races in the 40+ and cat. 3 category so for this race he did the 40+ race a little before Karel's Pro 1,2 race. I couldn't just stand around, so I put on my cute pink Hammer cycling shorts and jersey and warmed up around the course with karel. We had a lot of fun cycling together and because I've never warmed up with him before, I'd like to say it brought him good luck. Then again, I could just be his travel