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How to fuel for a training camp (or train-cation)

Disclaimer: Neither Campy nor I encourage the consumption of alcohol during a training camp. Truth be told - I don't never drink alcohol.  Although your racing may be on hold, your training shouldn't stop. More so, you should still feel the need to fuel your inner athlete...which means incorporating big training days, personal challenges or a heavy training week into your training regime. Better fueling and hydration strategies before/during/after workouts give you better performances and improved health. It’s that simple. With races postponed, there's no better time than now to start (or to continue) designing and fine-tuning your personalized hydration and fueling plan. Event day is not the time to try the latest sport bar or to invent a new homemade sport drink. Instead, use your big training days and personal challenges (ex. virtual or mock races) to figure out the best sport nutrition strategy for your needs. While the nutrition you consume during workouts is

Eat to Thrive: Improve your relationship with food

Sport and daily nutrition consulting is much more than learning what and when to eat. Much of my consulting services are dedicated to helping athletes overcome an unhealthy relationship with food and the body. By improving your relationship with your body, you can actually improve your relationship with food, which will ultimately enhance your athletic performance. When you can thank your body (instead of bashing it), respect your body (instead of starving or overexercising it) and appreciate your body (instead of wishing you looked differently), you can make better nutrition choices to optimize health and performance. In a past article I wrote for March 2015 issue of Triathlete Magazine, I discussed the topic of achieving a performance breakthrough by changing current eating behaviors and body image thoughts. In the article, I'll help you recognize if your body image concerns are steering your relationship with food in an unhealthy direction - and how to address them. If

Nutrient timing for athletes: Pre-workout fueling

For several decades, extensive scientific research has focused on the topic of nutrient timing: what and when to eat before, during, and immediately after exercise to enhance the adaptive response to change physiology. For example, prolonged exercise depletes muscle glycogen storage and breaks down muscle tissue, which increases the risk for fatigue and immunosuppression. But, by consuming carbohydrates and protein within 30 minutes after a workout, you can build muscle, store energy, and minimize tissue damage.  Unfortunately, nutrient timing is a confusing nutrition topic because many strategies conflict with the “healthy” nutrition advice given by experts regarding weight loss and health. For example, an athlete may have heard to restrict carbohydrates before a workout to induce higher fat oxidation – or in other words, to promote fat loss. However, insulin – which is released by the pancreas when carbohydrates are consumed – is one of the body's most anabolic muscle

Our Experience Buying an Above Ground Pool

After seeing several recent "above ground swimming pool" pictures and videos circulating around social media, it didn't take long for us to get one of our own. And now that we have it installed, I am not sure why we did not think of this idea earlier. Not only are we able to maintain a feel of swimming during a time of pool closures but I have a feeling this pool will come in handy after those long, hot summer workouts. If you are looking for a way to maintain your swim fitness when pools are closed or you need a convenient swimming option for when you are crunched for time, here are my tips (based on our recent experience) for purchasing and installing an above ground pool. What pool did we purchase?  Bestway Power Steel 16' x 10' x 42" Oval Frame Swimming Pool Set with Pump, Ladder and Cover. I selected this pool based on internet pool reviews. I wanted a rectangle pool (to feel more like a swimming pool and using less water than circular) and one