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Jane Nation wants YOU!!

My good friend Katrine (pronounced Katrina) showed me this website that her PR company is working on. As everyone knows, I am all about all-women stuff...especially when women can come together and celebrate the beauty of life! I'm totally obsessed with!! Whether you are focused on life with your husband, boyfriend, significant other, parents, children, grandparents, animals, work, school or athletics...we all can relate to each other in some way or another. Katrine and her company created a unique online community where women can share information, make friends, and discuss issues, topics, products and services related to growing, evolving, changing or even reinventing their way through life. I think everyone will find it interesting and informative. Check it out at There is also a video that tells the story (Jane Nation Video). You can also find Jane Nation on Facebook and Twitter. The future of Jane Nation is to be a premier destination for women

How was your day?

Everyday, when Karel comes home from work, he asks Campy "How was your day?" Karel asks me too but my day is pretty boring and routine....Training, computer, walks with campy, school work, made dinner. Campy usually replies with a few kisses, as he stands on his hind legs hoping for a nice back massage. For anyone who is having a bad day, needs to smile or enjoys looking at puppy pics, I hope you enjoy the pics from Campy's day. By the way...a big congrats to Karel for suffering with the heat this past weekend in Ocala. He survived the 65 mile road race on Sat and placed 6th on Sunday in the 65-70 mile road race. Lots of miles in heavy heat this past weekend. The sat race started at 10:30am and the sun race started at 12:30. After a week of re-hydrating he is getting ready to suffer again in the 3 stage race (crit and TT on sat and road race on Sun) in hilly and hot clermont. Yay Karel! Campy and I are so proud of usual!

Tuna Burgers and Stuffed Baked Potato

Who knew that a vegetarian would LOVE making burgers. Even if I couldn't taste it as I was cooking, Karel said that his was the BEST meal he has ever had! I got the inspiration for the stuffed baked potato because I was watching Down home with the Neely's on the Food Network and they were making stuffed baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese, but the high calorie/high fat way..with cream, milk and rich cheese. I decided I would use what I had at home and I came up with a healthy baked potato..stuffed! If you want just the burgers, serve 2-3 burgers with two slices rye or whole grain bread and top with your choice of veggies (I suggest making open face sandwiches). If you want both the baked potato and burgers, skip the bread with the burgers and serve yourself 2 burgers with a side of the potato. I suggest adding a salad with either meal to bump up your vitamins and minerals (and colors on your dinner table). There is a lot of healthy protein in the burger to help you recover

Prove it

After I healed from a 5 month injury (1 month prior to Kona and 4 months afterwards) in 2007-2008 I never thought I would be back at my best fitness. The fitness that got me to the Boston marathon and to the Ironman World Championships was gone and I was an emotional mess. I was trying to lose the x-lbs that I gained from stress, minimal walking and too many tears from not being able to exercise. But after patience and a very slow recovery, I was able to run again. I put my HR in a drawer and didn't pull it out for the entire summer. Lucky to be able to run again, I focused more on quality workouts based on my effort, perceived exertion and pain level. I remember doing Ironman Florida 70.3 in May (2007) and I was smiling from ear to ear just knowing that I was able to swim-bike-run again. I didn't register for many races in 2008 because I was never sure if I was 100% healed from my un-diagnosed hip/groin/inner thigh injury. I was just so happy that I was able t