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My weakness

Thanks for all the emails from my concerned blog readers. My injury is almost gone and with only 1 day off, I'm proud to say that I was not a stubborn, silly athlete...speaking of the athlete I was in the past. You know how it never know how much is too much and you feel like you can just "get through it" and then after the workout you will rest. Or, you think that training through an injury will be ok for a few days and then you can rest. Haven't figured out how that one works but we have all done it. Well, for the past year I refused to "get through" any workouts. I believe that my fitness will be my only limiter when I train. No injuries, no nutrition problems. This means that it is only up to a good training schedule to push me to my limits and help me get stronger and faster. Up until a week ago, all was working well. I know that everyone is different. The root of my injury may be completely different than another person's injury, even with

Bored with pasta, meat and veggies?

I always hear that athletes get bored with the same meals. Athlete or not, it is easy to get bored with pasta. Some people say they can never get bored of pasta but having the same "go-to" meal every night can become tiresome. If anything, you want to look forward to a meal..especially when it has new flavors from new ingredients. However, as simple as it is to prepare and totally affordable for any size family and/or budget, you can only eat so much pasta. On Sun night Karel and I went over to Katrine's house for dinner. Not sure why it is but all of my close triathlon friends want to re-pay Karel for his bike tech work, with food. I guess that isn't a bad thing. He occasionally brings home beer or wine from his regular customers (what a lucky guy!) but other times, good work = good food. I know I'm not the only one who keeps the Trek store in business but I love sending my tri-friends to Karel for all of their bike needs....and desires :) In May, Libby (who plac

Possible Injury = Lesson

I wish I was blogging about the 18 mile run that was planned for sat or the 5 1/2 hr bike + 35 min run planned for today. However, I didn't feel like myself on Fri and because of it I turned into one smart, yet freaked out athlete. After my workout on Thurs (easy run + bike) I spent the morning at the Palm Gardens Long-term care facility. My first experience with long-term care dietetics. For my medical therapy dietetic course we are required to volunteer time with a dietitian. I have the best RD to observe and I learned so much in just the first day! Later in the day I was on the computer (as usual) but by dinner time, I was feeling really sore in my back. I felt like I couldn't get comfortable when I sat at the computer and I knew my old shoes were not helping when I walked with campy. Katrine, Laura and I planned to run on the treadmill for 2-3 easy miles before swimming at 6am. I was really looking forward to swimming because our set was over 4500 and I couldn't wait to